Motorcycle pants are no joke. They are made of strong textiles like leather, kevlar, or other synthetic fibers, designed especially for the protection of the riders.

Moreover, the motorcycle pants also have additional padded armors at hip and knee areas to cushion high insult points during accidents.

These pants are needed in hostile racing activities where there are strong chances of crashes or extreme rainfalls.

However, the question arises:

Are You Supposed to Wear Pants Under Motorcycle pants?

If someone is new to motorcycle pants, the next question that is most commonly asked is should they wear anything under these adventure motorcycle pants?

The answer to this is simple. It depends upon the rider’s choice and the weather in which it is worn.

The weather factor plays an extreme role in this aspect. If it’s cold out there, additional layering becomes a necessity to conserve the body’s heat and produce thermal effects.

However, if it’s hot out there, heat is difficult to tolerate so most of the riders look towards better and cooler options.

Some people also decide based on their level of comfort.

Leather is already a skin-tightening fabric that creates a feeling of trapping for some people. So, they prefer to wear something underneath it to prevent leather tethering onto the skin. While others feel comfortable with this.

What Type of Under Motorcycle Pants Should Be Used?

The preference also depends upon the weather mostly. Just as our summer and winter dressing is different, the same rule applies here.

Thermal pants are the best option in winter. They act as a sweater for the legs, preserving the body heat to maintain a steady temperature. And protect against harsh cold air outside.

There are many good-quality thermal pants available, specifically designed, as underpants for motorcycle pants. The most popular ones are Under Armour, Nike, and Adidas.

For summers, instead of layering up, sweat absorbers are needed. For this, compression pants/leggings are a perfect go-to!

These compression leggings are made of a special material called elastane, also known as Spandex. They are body-fitting leggings available in all long and short types.

These pants have the special property of absorbing sweat and converting it into an air-cooling system. Its mechanism of action lies in a simple phenomenon of physics: Evaporation!

After wearing these, the air when enters the clothing while riding, feels cool and provides a refreshing feeling.

Apart from this, these compression pants also act as a therapy for cramps, varicose veins and even boost your strength while riding and running.

Compression leggings are also made of polyester and polypropylene. All are excellent in their functioning and some best outlets have quality leggings out there for you.

How Should We Dress for an Adventure Motorcycle?

Adventure motorcycling is all about style. They are almost incomplete without a trendy leather jacket, sturdy longboats, and chains.

However, style and safety go hand in hand. Motorcycle riding is a dangerous sport. So whenever riding a motorcycle, full protection should be worn that includes gloves, helmet, eye protection, and a good pair of pants with padding on the high insult points.

These all things combined, create a dope look for all the bikers and this attracts other people too.

How Do You Wear Riding Pants?

Riding pants, although they are protective clothing, can still be styled in numerous ways to carry fashion all along.

These pants are all in one. They can be paired with turtlenecks, leather jackets, sweatshirts, puffer vests, blazers, and longboats to create thousands of trendy looks.


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