It’s nice to be tall, and it offers a lot of benefits, especially if you’re a basketball player. However, if you’re a biker, it won’t help you at all – in fact, it’s a bit of a downer.

When it comes to motorbikes, those who are taller than usual have fewer alternatives. When shopping for a bike that can handle riders over 6 feet tall, it might be difficult. That’s a bummer.

Because most businesses make products, including motorcycles, for people of average height and weight. In reality, most bikes are made for people who are between the heights of 5’7″ and 5’11”.

Plus, with most European males stand around 5’10”, it’s easy to see why tall individuals have trouble finding the right bike.

Fortunately, you may make some tweaks to a conventional bike to make it more comfortable for you.

The foot controls and handlebars, among other things, may be adjusted. If these modifications aren’t for you, we recommend checking out our list of the finest bike options for tall riders.

Seat Height On A Motorcycle For Tall Riders

When the bike is upright, the distance between the ground and the lowest point of the seat is called seat height.

We can take this measurement when the motorbike is on its tires and not on its stand. As a result, you should seek a bike with a seat height of around 33 inches for a height which is 6’2.

You will be more comfortable if you sit higher in the seat. After all, a higher seat height equates to more spacious dimensions and legroom. This isn’t always the case, though.

Low seats, ape hanger bars, and extended pegs are common features on cruisers like Harleys.

People, however, continue to use seat height to evaluate whether or not the bike will be more comfortable for them.

Best Motorcycles For Tall Riders

Honda CB500X

Honda’s gentle, friendly CB500X remains a favourite, and it’s just as simple and inexpensive as its CBR500R and CB500F sportster and roadster siblings, as recently revised in 2019.

It’s been a great seller, and rightly so, with its class-leading, versatile, softly 47bhp power plant, good build quality, durability, and approachable yet enticing ‘large bike’ dimensions.

It features a 19 inch adventure-style front wheel and an 830mm seat height that should appeal to even the tallest riders, while remaining unintimidating.

Yamaha FJ-09

Yamaha FJ-09 is equipped with high-tech components like the YCC-T to provide a memorable and enjoyable riding experience.

It boasts a third-gear wheelie capacity that has made it a hit with performance enthusiasts. With a seat height of 33.9in or 33.3 in, it is well suited for tall riders.

BMW R1200GS Adventure

The giant Tonka toy of the motorbike world is comfy whatever the terrain, with perfect proportions for larger riders.

While it’s designed for the strong, it’s also a highly manageable motorcycle for riders of ordinary height, owing to its weight distribution, which makes it very capable off-road and surprisingly nimble on tarmac.

The R1200GS Adventure is the number one bike for larger riders looking for a do-it-all vehicle, and fans of The Long Way Round will need little convincing.

Honda Africa Twin

Honda has pulled off its customary one-size-fits-all trick by making this bike work for practically everyone. It’s lower and narrower than other large capacity adventure motorcycles, but without losing its off-road ability.

This bike is easy to handle for riders 5’9″ and above, while six-footers and more may dominate it and feel at ease in the wide riding position.

This bike has been designed with ergonomics in mind all the way down to the saddle, so whether you’re standing up to tackle a tight ravine or hunkering down to stay out of the wind, this bike will just fit.

It doesn’t matter if your height is greater than the normal range, you can get a bike that suits your physique. You can choose any of the above-mentioned bikes for yourself and have fun!


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