While Harley Davidson is considered to be one of the elite motor bike brands available in the market and people prefer it throughout the globe but there are also various other people who consider the Harley Davidson motor bikes to be a waste of money as it requires constant upgrading and investment.

Considering the fact that every brand has its own highs and lows, it is fair to consider both sides of the story and leave the information for the readers to evaluate for themselves according to their personal preferences and standards they deem to be fit for their ideal motor bike.

Considering the case for Harley Davidson, the motor bike brand that single-handedly ruled the whole industry for certain years and appeared to be the first preference of every biker throughout the world. However, after the glorious time period, the Harley Davidson motor bikes also faced some fierce downfall as they failed to manufacture a single motor bike as per the demands of their customers.

This state of affairs led to a lot of disapproval and the manufacturers had to go through some tough times to restore the faith in their customers as they created some new motor bike models that were up to the standards. 

But it would be unfair not to give them the due credit and to say that the Harley Davidson motor bikes do not live up to their hype because they do live up to their name, at least most of them do.

Nevertheless, with such a huge brand name there definitely comes along some high expectations. Besides considering the history of Harley Davidson, there are some massive disappointments along their line of motor bikes manufactured throughout the long era of creation and being the head of the motor bike industry.

Drawbacks of Harley Davidson :

There are various reasons why people do not consider Harley Davidson to be the best choice, especially when it comes to beginner riders. Among the extensive potential reasons behind not choosing the Harley Davidson as the best motor bike option available in the market here are some of them, which we considered being really important for our readers to be informed about.  

Continuous investment required :

Harley Davidson is a brand that brings a lot of attention and spotlight to whoever is riding a hot motor bike. However, the brand name also comes along with a huge price, which you have to pay first to own. But then, if you have paid so much for a motor bike, you would definitely expect it to live up to its fame and not require any further investments.

However, in some of the cases, the Harley Davidson motor bike could not live up to its hype and caused a lot of disappointment among its customers. As many of the motor bikes came with numerous drawbacks, which required the customers to continuously look into the market for pieces that might help improve the performance of their motor bike.

Thus constantly calling for their customers to take proper care of the motor bike, and to perform various checkups to make sure that the engine, clutch, and other parts are up to the standard. Therefore always creating a need for upgrade and investment for the consumers.

Performance issues :

Through numerous cases that have been reported throughout the globe, riders have been really disappointed as they had to suffer the consequences of some serious road accidents. In addition, the most common reason behind such dangerous accidents is the fact that the parts of the Harley Davidson motor bike loosened up or came off while they were riding the


Such accidents bought a great deal of distress and bad attention to Harley Davidson as the brand image was at the stake. But it created a sense of worry for the customers to realize that despite being such a big brand they still failed to maintain the standard quality of their products, which is a huge deal of shame.

Costly products :

For sure any branded product comes along with additional high charges comprising for the brand. The same is the case for the Harley Davidson products such as motor bikes and other automobiles, which tend to stand tall and in the first place, when it comes to purchasing vehicles such as motor bikes.

Therefore, the market evaluation survey has shown a great deal of commitment and devotion from the consumers of Harley Davidson as they appear to go the extra mile and to pay huge amounts to own a classic piece of Harley Davidson motor bike in their garage.

In addition, to be quite frank, not every person can afford such high prices for a motor bike they want to use as a daily conveyance.

There are various other reasons people have shared throughout the social media platforms but if started to mention all of them, we might actually run out of space. And they might as well rise other concerns such as the credibility of the information and the validity of the situation if the incident is truly related to the Harley Davidson motor bikes or mere accidents.  

Worst year of Harleys Davidson :

Keeping in mind all the facts and figures presented to you related to the Harley Davidson motor bikes, now let’s come to the real topic related to the worsts years of Harley Davidson productions. Moreover, these products of Harley Davidson are considered to be the dark plague attached to the glorious history of Harley Davidson motor bikes.

Though there are countless ups and downs a company has to face in regards to their manufacturing and journey that lead them up to the successful point of recognition they have achieved today.

Nevertheless, sometimes the downfalls appear to be way steeper than expected by the company and their customers. Let us discuss some of the prominent failures that caused a great deal of loss for Harley Davidson as a brand.

Ultra Classic motorbike (2001) :

This project of Harley Davidson gained a lot of attention as the name represented their classic motor bike model. However, they failed to deliver the product while maintaining the quality of the product. This raised major critical remarks from the customers as well as from the opponents.

The prominent dissatisfaction raised by the customers were related to the fact that the product not only lacked in respect to the quality of the product but also failed terribly in regards to the fact that the rider experienced numerous vibration issues, which caused the trunk to be majorly displaced from its original location.

The manufacturers even failed to properly place the foot pegs along the body of the motor bike. This created a lot of issues as the rider was unable to reach the foot pegs, and various other issues, which clearly demonstrated that the manufacturers did not pay enough attention to the product.

Project Livewire electric motor bike (2017) :

Although you might think that considering the advance technology available nowadays it might be impossible to manufacture a failure like this project. As the name suggests, this motor bike functions as an electric livewire as it charges on electricity instead of traditional fuel.

But, this motor bike failed to meet the standards of its customers, when it came along with a huge selling price of about 30K dollars and still was not able to cover as much mileage as said by the company. Instead, it required a long duration of charging up to 7 hours, could not cover long journeys, and usually depended upon the conditions faced by the motor bike as the rider rode it across the trail or highway.

Softail Deluxe motor bike (2015) :

This motor bike is considered to be one of the worst production of Harley Davidson, as their dire try to save the dying reputation of softail motor bikes, they were once renowned for in the industry. But, they forgot to maintain the real deal about the quality of the product and therefore only received backlash from their customers, as this motor bike caused various accidents and appeared as a threat to the rider.

Various parts of the Softail Deluxe were composed of plastic material instead of the standard quality material. Although this product came with a huge price but the customers were really disappointed as the plastic parts of the motor bike caused the engine to become weak and prevented it from preforming up to its full potential.

Another bad stain this motor bike project instilled on the reputation of the Harley Davidson legacy is that critical fact concerning the breaks installed in this motor bike.

Not only was the quality of the material bad but the loosened break demonstrated a critical threat to the lives of the riders. Thus making to the headlines of many important newspapers and broadcasts, which further bought down the reputation of the Harley Davidson motor bikes.

HD Street 500 motor bike :

HD Street 500 motor bike was a big controversy at the time it was launched in the market. Although most of the viewers were surprised by the unusual design of this motor bike model. But soon enough the excitement was converted to criticism by the opposition as well as the supporters of the brand.

HD Street 500 motor bike had an unusually slim and smaller body of the motor bike in comparison to the motor bikes available in the market. The riders found this change to be really astonishing as they could easily slid on the motor bike. But, the constructors forgot to maintain the balance of the motor bike body while trying to make the motor bike appear stylish only.

Considering all the out of focus mistakes that came into light after the numerous incidents the riders had to face as they lost control while driving the motor bike were some miserable news.

And what is even a more disappointing fact about this motor bike is that the producers launched it in the hope of not only attracting more attention but also selling it on a whole new level of being a lavish product. But after all the mistakes made by the manufacturers it for sure was not worth even paying for at all.   

There are numerous other bad productions of Harley Davidson, which can make up to this list. But to keep the information short and enlightening, we will only mention the other ones so that you might be well aware of them if you ever come across them in the market.

The Electra Glide motor bike of the 2014 is another example of the dire try of Harley Davidson to make an electrically charged motor bike, which failed miserably in the market.

The 1981 Sportster motor bike of Harley Davidson was one of the worst productions among the various other productions during the 1900s. Not only the manufacturers designed it poorly but the material of the vehicle also showed that the producers were in a rush and did not care enough to focus on the details of the motor bike.

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To conclude this extensive discussion about the worst years of Harley Davidson motor bikes, which have a big name in the industry of motor bikes were not that glorious from the start. It shows us how every brand whether it is big or small has to make its way through the highs and lows to achieve the splendid image and fame they owe now. Therefore, you will be well aware now that the charming fame and success of Harley Davidson is not all the gold and glitter.

It is filled with all the gloomy and dull failures the manufacturers of Harley Davidson had to face with all these bad productions throughout the 1900s and the 2000s. In short, every production of such a big brand like Harley Davidson can not only have a huge impact on its reputation but also influence the economy as well as the market.


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