Softail is a type of motorcycle in which the rear suspension or shock absorbers are hidden from direct view so that it looks like a hard-tail motorcycle.

The first Softail was produced by Harley-Davidson in 1984 with the word Softail being a registered trademark of the company.

Harley-Davidson Softail

The frame of Harley-Davidson Softail is designed in such a way that it appears to be a rigid frame motorcycle-like those in the past, and still has the comfort of rear suspension. The shock absorbers are placed along the axis of the motorcycle, tucked beneath the transmission in 1984-2017 models, and beneath the seat in new models.

Heritage Softail Classic

The Harley-Davidson has about 12 models, all having the same engines, frames, and transmissions. The differences are just in accessories, forks, and wheels. The Heritage Softail Classic is special because of its traditional cruiser look and intrinsic beauty.

It has lashings of chrome, a low seat, and studded leather saddlebags with white-wall tires mounted on spoked wheels. It has a great sound and gives a very soothing feeling to the riders. Tall riders usually prefer the Heritage Softail Classic.

Whats The Best Year Heritage Softail Classic?

Different reviews from riders around the globe suggest that the 2018 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic is the best one in the family so far.

Some of its specifications are given below:

Dry weight: 696.7 pounds

Engine: air-cooled v2 four-stroke

Maximum power output: 86.00 HP at 5020 rpm

Maximum torque: 145.00 Nm at 3000 rpm

Oil capacity of engine: 4.70 liters

Gearbox: 6-speed

Clutch type: multi-plate clutch with diaphragm spring in an oil bath

Front suspension: Telescopic fork

Rear suspension: Twin shocks

It is best known for its reduced weight, increased acceleration, and smooth driving. Some new features added to the 2018 model are the windshield and hard saddlebags which are very useful for touring.

The windscreen is detachable as per requirements. It also comes with two engine displacement options.

It also has footboards that ensure that there is no peg pressure on the rider’s shoes, and the angle of the footboards is adjusted so as to prevent knee aches and leg cramps.

The seat is also one of the most comfortable ones in the Softail family. The tall bar height and easy reach to the grips reduce the rider’s fatigue.

It is a high-performance motorcycle which makes it comparable to the Dyna family and has its traditional iconic look like all other bikes of the Softail family.

1. What year was best for Harley Softail?

2006 was the best year for Harley-Davidson Softail. The 2006 Springer Softail may be the greatest Softail that the company has ever produced.

It comes with simple styling to allow customization and personalization, which the riders enjoy very much. It is also very durable and once had huge market demand.

2. What is the difference between a Heritage Classic and a Heritage Softail?

Heritage Classic and Heritage Softail are almost identical; however, the Heritage Classic does not have the feature of cruise control that Heritage Softail has. The Heritage Classic’s seat is also one inch higher than the latter.

3. Is the Heritage Softail a good touring bike?

Yes, Heritage Softail is a very good option for touring because of its superb riding position and very comfortable seat. It is especially preferred by tall riders and by those who want a nostalgic look to their bike while touring.


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