“When in doubt, throttle out” is a great saying that’s been around since the motorcyclist community emerged. But the question that most newbies often ask is what does this phrase “when in doubt, throttle out” exactly mean?

Well, let’s assume if you find yourself losing traction, where does this advice come into practice?

This advice helps in a lot of different situations, notwithstanding whether you are riding a dirt bike or a sportbike, especially with the soft or loose terrain like sand or gravel, where in most circumstances, the front end starts digging in, and it feels as if you are losing your control on your motorbike.

In that scenario, more throttle (throttle control) can often help you get your bike under control. So what is throttle control? And how can you overcome throttling out? Let’s better move on with what the phrase means!

When In Doubt, Throttle Out: What does it mean?

“When in doubt, throttle out” means: when you can’t see the apex (corner), you follow this old maxim when in doubt, throttle out, which in other words means “slow in fast out”.

When in doubt, throttle out: Explained

So many of you are confused between the meaning of the part of the phrase, which is “when in doubt”, to the situation when someone finds himself in trouble. It’s not the correct explanation of “when in doubt.”

When in doubt means the doubt about the corner or condition in which you cannot rectify how increasing speed could help you regain traction.

So if you lose traction in turn, for instance, like in a low side situation, it is more advisable to think like a smart rider and apply more throttle to force the wheel to spin faster so that it turns to go back to the vertical position.

As the rear wheel is somewhat like a gyroscope, it is better to make it stay vertical when it’s spinning rather than chopping the throttle or pushing the brakes.

What is Throttle Control: A Few Essential Throttle Control Techniques!

Now just adding some techniques for new riders out there that they must know about how to have control of their bike: a few helpful techniques that might save you from tough times. So basically, what does throttle control is?

Throttle control is knowing your bike more than enough, to know how much power you need to give your bike for having a smooth and delicate throttle hand, especially when you are riding a bike like a dual-sport or adventure bike.

For bikers, having control over how much power they need to give a bike is extremely important to know.

A few good ways are suggested here by the expertise to practice throttle control.

However, it takes a lot of time and gains energy and practice time to master it, so don’t be afraid of losing in the beginning. Just get your bike and start practicing!

How does it help?

If you figure out that your bike is squirrelly under you while it plows through all that sand and gravel, all you have to do is to get yourself comfortable with that feeling of “getting out of control feeling”. Remember, it’s all about the front end.

So keep pushing all your weight on the back tire of your bike to keep the front end light.

While you are hanging on for your dear life, there might be some tight spots where your back end does not seem to cooperate, so in that case, just hit down the gas and keep your weight backward as it will make a way to help maintain traction and get your front end release and free from that big rut that comes out of nowhere!


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