Excessive motorcycle gear is useless and clutters your space. It also stops you from buying new gear.

That is why you should sell your used motorcycle gear. You must have some gear lying around that you don’t use anymore. Getting rid of that gear is the only way to make room for new ones.

Here is how you can sell used motorcycle gear.

Where To Sell Used Motorcycle Gear

It can be difficult to sell used motorcycle gear. Finding customers is also a hard task.

But you have nothing to worry about. We have made a list of places where you can sell the gear.

Let’s look at them.

1.     Local Motorcycle Store

Your local motorcycle store is the nearest place to sell the gear. The local stores always have good and loyal customers. Hence, they will be eager to buy your motorcycle gear at whatever price you offer.

2.     Thrift Stores

Thrift stores have a large variety of clothes and accessories. You can sell any kind of motorcycle gear at the thrift store. From the 80s style hip hop jacket to leather pants for riding, thrift stores will buy it all. 

If you have tons of motorcycle jackets or helmets, thrift stores are perfect for you.

3.     Facebook Marketplace

The best online place to sell your used motorcycle gear is the Facebook marketplace. The marketplace will gather tons of customers for you.

4.     Motorcycle Forums

Motorcycle enthusiasts at the online forums are always looking for deals. You can sell your gear to them at a negotiated price.

If you have some rare and limited edition pieces, the riders on the forums will buy that instantly.

5. eBay and Other Online Websites

The most common websites for selling motorcycle gear are Craigslist and eBay. Both have a large customer base. You will sell your used gear successfully at the sites.

All you have to do is list the gear. Just list your item with photos and the price.

Photography Tips for Selling Gear Online

You cannot just sell your gear online without photographs of the product. Capture pictures of the gear to attract customers.

Without the photos of the gear, no one will buy it on online websites.

Here are some tips for taking photos of gear.

  1. Always clean the gear before taking photos.
  2. Take photos of the same product from various angles.
  3. Include dimensions and measurements of the gear when you post the photo.
  4.  Use a well-lit place for taking photos.
  5. Mention why you are selling it. Also mention if there is any defect in the gear.

Why You Should Sell Used Motorcycle Gear

Here is why you should sell your used motorcycle.

  1. Sell the used motorcycle gear to earn money for buying new ones.
  2. It is a great way to get rid of clutter in the house.
  3. Some sites offer a give and take purchase. You can sell your gear and another person on the forum will send you a product that you need in return.

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