Riding a dirt bike can be a wonderful experience but safety should be everyone’s top priority.

If you run a racing center, you must be in charge of the protection of your riders. Or else, if you are a wholesale supplier of dirt bike gear, you must ensure that the gear you are offering is high-end, and guarantees protection to the riders.

Dirt bikers need special safety; therefore each part of their gear should be of high quality.

To help you find the right wholesale suppliers, here is a list of the top five wholesale suppliers that you can trust:

My Panther Gloves Co (Pvt) Ltd.

With the experience of over 15 years, My Panther Gloves Co (Pvt) Ltd is believed to be the most trusted manufacturer and supplier of motorcycle things. Whether you’re seeking motorcycling apparel or custom gear, this trading company can provide it all.

My Panther Gloves has been dealing with a lot of international consumers since 1996. Their specialty is that they always serve with professionalism and accuracy.

You can never go wrong choosing this company as all of their products are manufactured with high quality.

Consumers can choose different styles and materials as per their preferences. It means that the custom option is completely open for you!

Website: https://panthergloves.com/content/category/1-home

Address: EU Office, Edificio El Triangle, Plaza Catalunya, 1. 08002, Barcelona, Spain


Founded in 1999, MotoSport now enters its third decade of leading the sports industry in terms of both quality and expertise. They provide the best services to their consumers.

If you need gear for your dirt bike or even some parts of your motorbike, you can reach out to MotoSport. The best thing about them is they maintain the standards of loyalty while serving its consumer.

Their products are available according to the latest trend and their pricing structure is also very reasonable to grab on. So wait no more, and get your dirt bike gear from this supplier now!

Website: https://www.motosport.com/

Address: MotoSport, LLC, 15353 SW Sequoia Parkway, Suite #140, Portland, OR 97224


RevZilla is famous for maintaining its decorum even in the hardest time of COVID-19. The core team of riders with their ambitious goals is all committed to serving the riding community with all of their potential.

Apart from maintaining the stability of the customers and employees, RevZilla was able to overcome all of its battles in the pandemic. They’ve been working as a wholesale supplier that fuels the industry since 2007.

In the world of motorcycle gear and biking parts, RevZilla stands out in terms of quality and trust-building. Choosing them won’t leave you with regret!

Website: https://www.revzilla.com/about-revzilla

Address: 4060 Frehner Rd, Suite 101, North Las Vegas, NV 89030

MX South

If you are looking to buy a whole bunch of dirt bike gear, MX South should be your go to. Not only do you get cheap stuff, but you’ll also find their products valuable and worth it.

The owner of this wholesale supplier is proud to announce that all of its products are accessible to International consumers as well.

Since they’ve been serving in the motorcycle industry from mid-90, you can’t doubt their expertise. To get more information about the company’s products and process of order, visit their website.

Website: https://www.mxsouth.com/

Address: 801 Maplewood Drive #20, Jupiter, FL 33458.

Wholesale MX.com

Wholesale MX.com is an expert supplier of all motorcycling-related products. They provide services of all different categories that you can choose from. The company has also supplied to some brands as well.

The protective gear that is available on their online store has different styles and colors. Moreover, due to the detailed description and wide variety of products, consumers feel satisfied to have several options as alternatives.

It has supplied products to over 48 states and for the first three orders, you can also get free shipping. However, make sure you carefully read their conditions before purchasing.

Website: https://www.wholesalemx.com/

Address: 7290 Engineer Road Ste A, San Diego, CA 92111, United States of America


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