Nowadays, everybody owns a motorcycle. The reason is they are so inexpensive, cheap, and facilitating that everybody buys them.

Do you want to know exactly why motorcycles are so cheap? Read this article and you will discover the answer.

6 Reasons Why!

Following are some of the reasons that explain why motorcycles are so cheap:


Motorcycles are cheap as their maintenance costs very less. Motorcycles don’t use a lot of fluid because of their capacity. This means lesser components, which means less time and less money to spend on maintenance.

Most tires require more maintenance, depending on how much you use your motorcycle. But still, cars have four tires which means more maintenance than motorcycles. If you’ll replace tires frequently, it’s still cheaper.

Smaller in size

Another reason motorcycles are cheaper is because of their small, compact design. Cars are larger. Even the cars that are designed for two people are larger than a motorcycle.

Since motorcycles are smaller, fewer products are used in their making. It takes less time and less material to build a motorcycle as compared to a car.

Motorcycles are cheap because of their smaller size compared to the car and take fewer resources to make.


Safety is the most important thing to consider. A rider’s safety depends on his skills, but on the pieces of equipment too. Motorcycle riders must have a helmet. Riding pants, gloves for their safety.

Since motorcycles are cheaper, manufacturers don’t have to spend a lot on safety equipment. Cars have a lot of safety features too. That’s why they are more expensive.


The car comes with a bunch of features and the latest technology. Cars have essentials like air conditioning and heating. Tinted windows, back cameras, LCD makes the car more expensive.

These all are such luxurious features that motorcycles don’t have. Even if you spend more on buying a Motorcycle you can’t get these features. Motorcycles just focus on the essentials, not on the luxuries.

Since motorcycles have very few features, it is cheaper. They are built in a very easy and simple way.


Car seats are extremely expensive as mostly the manufacturers use high-quality leather. Cars use more fabric than motorcycles as they have more seats in a car. And motorcycles have a single seat with an extended seat.

Even if the motorcycle gets two seats, it will cost less than the cars.


The expense of insuring your motorcycle is also a lot more economical than a car. This makes owning a motorcycle even cheaper. Motorcycle insurance tends to be more reasonable than car insurance.

The average cost of motorcycle insurance is $721 per year, which breaks down to almost $60 a month. Car insurance tends to cost about $100 a month for the cheapest prices. If you want full coverage for a car, then you might have to pay a lot more.

Size of the vehicle matter for the insurance companies. Motorcycles are comparatively a lot smaller than cars, so there’s little to cover. Insurance rates depend on a few parameters, one of them is the cost of coverage for the size of the item.

As you know the insurance policy helps cover any medical or automotive expenses as a result of an accident.

Motorcycle insurance costs less because there are usually fewer people involved in an accident. The maximum number of people on a motorcycle is two people. Since insurance only has to cover two people, it will not cost a lot to motorcycle drivers.

And if we talk about cars, they can have several people in them. The insurance company has to base its rate on the number of people who might be in the car during an accident.

Owning a Motorcycle is cheaper than a car as the insurance for the Motorcycle is way so cheaper than the car insurance.


How are motorcycles so cheap?

Few reasons to illustrate how motorcycles are so cheap ;

  • Small size
  • Less safety system
  • Lightweight design
  • Smaller fuel tank

Why is a Motorcycle cheaper than a car?

Motorcycles are cheaper than cars because motorcycles require less technical work. Its material and engineering production cost less than the car. Maintaining your motorcycle is cheaper and easy than maintaining your car. Motorcycles consume less fuel than cars, which makes the motor less cheap!

Are motorcycles worth the risk?

Yes absolutely, motorcycles are worth the risk. As you know nowadays due to traffic it’s really hard to travel in a car. Motorcycles are cheaper, save your time and even help you to socialize. It’s not risky, you should just try to ride a Motorcycle carefully.

Are motorcycles expensive to maintain?

Motorcycles are cheap to maintain because of their small and lightweight design. They need fewer parts compared to cars, which means the output costs are quite lower. The largest expense you’ll face with a motorcycle is its tires since they need replacing frequently.


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