Most of the time, people invest in things out of interest but they are unaware of the potential of the product they are buying until they use it.

The same happened to some of the Harley users who are claiming that Harleys are junk.

Let’s find out why these people are saying so and what’s the reason behind calling a famous brand – Harley junk. Continue reading to learn more.

Reasons Why People Say Harleys Are Junk

Everything has its pros and cons and there is not a single thing that has no drawbacks.

If people don’t like Harley, there must be some reasons because the review is based on a huge bulk of people.

Here are the reasons why people say Harleys are junk:

1. Yesterday’s Technology and Tomorrow’s Price

Many people argue that they are not upgrading their bikes as compared to the prices they are selling them for. They have the same basic design that has existed for decades with small changes and very high price tags.

2. Image Problem

There are people who think that buying such bikes associates them with the unpleasant characteristics of biker gangs. People own it for branding and lifestyle while the majority wants its image to be associated with freedom not about posing.

3. Ownership Problem

Every vehicle needs maintenance in order to work properly and when it is expensive, that’s a good investment. The majority of people want things that are easy to take care of as many people don’t have the income to invest in Harleys.

4. Loud and Obnoxious

Harleys are so loud that many people don’t really want to hear bullshit while taking a ride. They are modified with loud pipes that’s why you can hear them from over a mile away. People don’t like it because of its loudness.

5. Heavy To Ride

Harleys are heavy to ride as most people suffer from their performance and proper handling. They are not comfortable as well. The problem is that they are associated with fat, balding tattooed guys who scare people.

6.Mechanical Problems

Mechanical problem is that they break down a lot because most of the owners modify their bikes excessively without the guidance of experts.


How unreliable are Harleys?

The reliability of the product depends upon the way someone uses it. If you fail to take care of it, the bike will become less reliable. Another reason is that many owners modify their Harley motorcycles excessively without expert guidance. 

Why do Harleys have so many problems?

Harley users don’t seek expert advice, don’t take care of their bikes, and thus, face the music.

Why do people still ride Harleys?

People still ride Harleys because of the legacy of their bikes and their history which is not comparable to any other motorcycle company in America.

Why would anyone buy Harleys?

Because they are made to last with their durable and revolutionary engines. Moreover, their parts are easily replaceable.


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