Cruising on the highway on a breezy summer night will be a refreshing and calming experience, but will it be the same if you ride on a cold winter or fall night?

We don’t think so!

You would shiver instead of enjoying and getting the feel of the ride!

Chilling on a motorcycle ride is only enjoyable as long as you have the right motorcycle gear to cover yourself.

It is not only about the weather but about safety as well.

Motorcycle riding can be fun as long as all protective measures are taken.

Motorcycle riding can be a thrilling but dangerous recreational activity, and it is imperative that every motorcyclist be aware of the precautionary measures that must be taken before riding the bike.

Even a minor motorcycle accident can be fatal if protective gears have not been used.

The protective gears include using a helmet, gloves, boots, and jacket. Each protective gear protects different body parts in case of an accident.

However, buying protective gear for a motorcycle that actually works can be costly.

Why is riding gear so expensive?

After buying your motorcycle, the first thing you do is get all the gear to ride it safely.

It is then that you find out that you cannot purchase the perfect riding gear without breaking the bank, because it is so expensive!

But why should the riding gear be so expensive when apparently it does not look too extravagant?

This is mainly because the riding gear is designed after lots of R&D (Research and Development) to choose the most appropriate material and design to protect the rider in case of a crash.

The material used in the riding gear to make it entirely safe for the rider comes with a hefty price tag.

The latest riding jackets are a few thousand dollars because they have been built with sensors that can inflate the built-in airbag to protect your body during a crash.

The riding material needs to be made to protect your body at least to some extent.

Because a bike accident can affect you directly as there are no barriers to diminish the impact, like in a car or any covered vehicle.

Is a motorcycle jacket necessary?

While riding a bike, you will feel a much stronger wind than usual. The impact in case of a crash will also be manifold.

If you experience all this with no protective layering, just imagine how much worse it can be!

A jacket that has been designed using abrasion-resistant, strong, and durable material with some extra padding can act as your first line of defense.

It will protect you from getting scratches or bruises when you hit your bike or slip on a wet road and crash into the pavement.

If the crash is more serious, it might not completely prevent you from injuries but can undoubtedly lower the impact.

So, whatever the case, a good riding jacket can benefit you.

A motorcycle jacket will not only protect you in case of accidents but will also keep you comfortable and shield you from severe or unpleasant weather.

Spending on a good riding jacket is definitely worth its cost because it will go a long way, and who does not enjoy a comfortable bike ride?

Are mesh motorcycle jackets worth it?

Wearing a padded leather jacket is fine for winters and cool fall days, but in summers, you cannot survive in a leather jacket.

Especially if you live in a region where you get plenty of sunlight, wearing a leather jacket will be a total bummer for you.

On warmer days, wearing a mesh jacket is a much better option.

But are mesh jackets safe?

A regular mesh jacket that you buy at a lower cost may not be safe and, in reality, be useless to wear and spend money on.

A professional mesh jacket design with abrasive-resistant material can be totally safe to ride with.

In fact, high-quality mesh jackets can be safer than leather jackets. You can even find mesh jackets with armor fitted on high-impact areas for extra protection.

It is very beneficial if you can get your hands on a professional high-quality mesh jacket because it is totally worth the money you spent on it.

Is a leather motorcycle jacket worth it?

Leather jackets are a favorite gear for motorcycle riders. It makes them look tough with a touch of style and oomph.

It just makes sense for the motorcycle riders to wear leather jackets. Isn’t that what we always see in action movies? You will never see a hero without a leather jacket!

But a leather jacket is more than just a styling and fashion apparel.

It is one of the best options you can use as protective gear to protect yourself from injuries in case you have an accident.

An abrasive-resistant leather jacket with some armor or padding for extra protection will protect or reduce the impact of a crash or slide off and prevent any significant injuries.

Final thoughts

Motorcycle protective gear can be expensive, but using one is essential for your safety.

If you have spent some thousand dollars on getting your dream bike, you can surely spend a little more to enjoy a safe and comfortable ride!

Spending on low-quality, cheap riding gear is useless because it will not protect you from injuries.

Good quality biking with certification is essential to protect yourself and enjoy a safe ride!