Motorcycle shops are usually closed on Mondays but it’s smart to remain open 7 days per week.

Regardless of whether you rotate your workers and keep them working for long hours. Most people suggest staying open for at least 6 out of 7 days.

Most shops are open Saturday and Sunday so they can take a day off on Monday and sometimes even Tuesday. The shop owners usually take leaves on Monday to recover from the exhaustion of the weekend.

However, Harley shops are open 7 days a week now, but that is because they need constant service.

There are many reasons behind “why motorcycle shops are closed on Mondays?”

Let’s find them out in this article below:

Reasons Behind “Why”

Following is the list of reasons “why” motorcycle shops closed on Monday:

  • The managers and owners want to take the day off just like everyone else.
  • Launch events on Mondays: There is a huge convergence of new bikes on Mondays. Most showrooms have scheduled “launch” events on Monday mornings where hundreds of new bikes are presented. You can’t blame the showrooms as the vast majority prioritize buying a motorcycle. So it’s normal that they plan these events over the weekends.
  • Mechanics and service writers need a little while to adjust their timetables before they begin dealing with the clients that ordinarily come in on Mondays.
  • A motorcycle shop’s owner as well as manager probably has a lot happening throughout the end of the week when no other person is working. They need to do things like; order parts from their suppliers, set up launch events for various new motorcycles, work with manufacturers reps, and meet with clients to finalize promotions. In addition to all this, they know they will have a completely busy Monday morning because of all the potential clients coming in to purchase new bikes.
  • On Mondays, they do their cleaning and organizing.
  • They additionally use this day to have a staff meeting to discuss what is needed to be done for the week.

Motorcycle shops are closed on Monday because of customs and the fact that there is less opportunity to interact with clients.

Vendors find it troublesome and even unfortunate to open on Mondays since they can not keep up with the workload, so closing for a day allows them to catch up with their work.

The reason they prefer opening their shops on Tuesday morning.


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