Motorcycle enthusiasts really adore Harley Davidson Bikes. Some of the Harley Davidson line bikes that have received special attention are the Wide Glide and Super Glide bikes.

Both Wide Glide and Super Glide belong to the Dyna family. Dyna Family bikes are known for their stylish black frame and distinct Harley features.

Despite being from the same family, these bikes differ in features.

As the name suggests, the Wide Glide bike has a broader front. In comparison, Super Glide has a narrow front. Super Glide is ideal for drifting in the city, and Wide Glide is suitable for tours.

And that’s not it. There are some other differences as well.

Read on to know about them.

Wide Glide vs. Super Glide: Minor Comparisons

Below are the domains in which Wide Glide and Super Glide have distinct features:

Noise Levels

Super Glide is a big and loud bike that you can hear its sound even if you are a mile away. The Wide Glide is small and a quiet bike.


All Harley Davidson bikes have a unique and impressive appearance.

The Super Glide has a classic and vintage style. It was manufactured in 1971 and boasts a traditional, old-school design.

On the other hand, Wide Glide is the younger and more modern bike. It was produced in 1993 and carries a charismatic outlook.


Comfort is an essential factor while riding a bike. The Wide Glide has a comfortable and broader seat. For an extensive tour, these bikes are ideal as they have more space.

However, the Super Glide is small and isn’t ideal for a long commute. It is more suitable for shorter commutes.

Wide Glide vs. Super Glide: Major Differences

There are some significant differences between Wide Glide and Super Glide as well.

Both bikes have unique designs and controls. Engine and power vary a lot too.

Here are the significant differences between Wide Glide and Super Glide:

Power and Engine

Harley Davidson Dyna line has robust bikes. Even though the line was introduced decades ago, it has competitive engines that are still working well.

Both bikes have twin-cam engines but Wide Glide has a faster and more durable engine.

Since Wide Glide is a modern bike, it has a modified and better engine.


Super Glide supports mid controls. This central control system is ideal for new riders.

Wide Glide has forward controls. The forward controls are suitable for both beginner and experienced riders.


The bike’s performance depends on the frame, engine, and expertise of the rider combined.

In Wide Glide and Super Glide cases, performance will vary only a little because both have the same engines.

However, the riders have still found some differences between both bikes.

The wide handlebars of wide glides give it an extra point in terms of performance. Wide Glide can easily be turned around the corner.

Super glide has short handlebars. They aren’t efficient and easy to use for everyone.

Smooth Ride

Wide Glide offers a luxurious and smoother ride than Super Glide.

Which Bike Is the Best for You?

Choosing a bike from the Dyna Collection is a challenging task but we are here to help you out.

If you are tall, Wide Glide will be the best option for you. The large space will be comfortable for you during rides.

For shorter men and women, Super Glide is a better option. It is a standard-size bike that everyone can ride easily.

From a price point of view, the Wide Glide is more expensive than the Super Glide one.

If you are on a budget, go for Super Glide.

Harley Davidson discontinued the Dyna line in 2018 (sad moment indeed). Hence, all the Super Glide and Wide Glide bikes you found now are vintage.

The quality is still high grade and excellent. But availability and features will vary.


What’s the Difference Between Super Glide and Wide Glide?

The Super Glide is a timeless bike with center controls. You can upgrade it to dual discs.

Wide Glide is a younger and better version. However, it cannot be upgraded to dual discs.

What Makes a Wide Glide a Wide Glide?

The wide-set frame and large handlebars of the Wide Glide make it unique and different from all the other bikes. The wheelbase is 4 inches wider than its other predecessors.

Are Wide Glides Good Bikes?

Wide Glides are one of the finest bikes produced by Harley. They are durable and reliable.

Many Harley lovers buy Wide Glides for its powerful engine and eye-catching design.

The comfortable seats, smooth ride, and fast speed make wide Glide an ideal bike for everyone.

What Makes a Super Glide Custom?

You can install dual discs in the Super Glide. The color of the engine and the discs can be customized too.

Some riders have installed new engines and different tires, too.


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