Being one of the most popular and the largest automobile companies all around the globe, Yamaha is constantly inventing new models with a different set of qualities and combinations that matches the requirements of their customers. One of the most popular motor bike among the large variety of motor bikes of Yamaha is the YZF-R series. The well-recognized properties of these motor bikes are their engine capacity, appearance along with the smooth and easy handling during different courses of traveling. 

If you are debating on whether to getting a Yamaha R6 or Yamaha R1 motor bike, then worry not, we will be comparing these two bikes head to head in this article. Although these two motor bikes are quite similar but there are slight differences that create a very tough comparison between the Yamaha R1 and Yamaha R6. By the end you would be able taking the right decision as for which one of these two motor bikes would be a better choice for you to purchase in the long run depending upon all the characteristics and expenses which are described fairly in all terms.

Yamaha R series :

If all the world renowned super motor bikes were to be arranged in a single series, it would end up forming the Yamaha R series. This series is the definition of elite motor bikes, whether you are talking about the appearance or the capacity of the engine installed in these automobiles.

Among the bikers, these motor bikes are state to be the best sport bikes. Starting from the comfortable setting and handling set up to the black led lights in the headset and non-corrosive paint covering, you can easily find all the desired characteristics in them. These motor bikes act to be the dream bike of every passionate biker and thus act as the new trendsetters.

Yamaha R6 and R1 comparison :

  • Seating setup

However, it appears to be that the Yamaha R6 is shorter in length and much wider as compared to the Yamaha R1. Nevertheless, the seat of Yamaha R6 motor bike is much more wider and heighted in comparison to the Yamaha R1, which has less wider and tapered seat. This setup allows your legs to fit a lot tighter. The shorter size of Yamaha R6 gives you an urge to slide along the corner of the road while you cruse on a Yamaha R6 motor bike down town.

  • Speeding limit :

Not only is the Yamaha R1 lower but it is longer as well. It is much more planted with the swing arm that makes it more stable in comparison to Yamaha R6 motor bike. Considering the speed perspective, you can touch 300 an hour relatively easy on it. Whereas the Yamaha R6 motor bike can get you up to about 270 to 280 but it runs out of power before you can really top it out.

  • Wheelbase size and weight :

The wheelbase is a lot shorter and more playful in Yamaha R6. It is about 50 pounds lighter too and that makes a huge difference. You would not think 40 to 50 pounds is a lot but even just sitting on these motor bikes while comparing them head to head is insane. The Yamaha R6 has is almost just begging to be thrown into corners.

In addition, you can ride the Yamaha R6 bike to the limit around the corners. Something about riding a Yamaha R6 motor bike to the limit, that is so satisfying and still feeling in control and safe. The Yamaha R1 motor bike is very hard to push around the corners to that same limit. It is a lot more challenging, requires a lot more of an experienced rider, and does not have the same fun factor.

  • Engine power :

Then again, sometimes you just want raw power and that is exhilarating on its own. It is insane on how much more power the Yamaha R1 motor bike has than the Yamaha R6 motor bike, like it is not even comparable.

Don’t get the wrong idea but the Yamaha R1 still handles great but when you’re comparing it back to back with Yamaha R6, it is just they’re two different motor bikes. They really are faultless in their own way and in a perfect world; it would be nice to have them both.   

  • Chosen by Professionals :

Whenever you see professionals doing stunts, this Yamaha R6 motor bike is the one they use. They choose the Yamaha R6 motor bike because it is easy and handles stunts so well. A lot of people use it for catwalks and professional riders use it for stunting and it handles awesome. It is great and reliable; you can literally do stunts on Yamaha R6 all day long.

  • Fuel intake :

Most people that buy these motor bikes are not concerned about fuel mileage, but it is probably worth mentioning the Yamaha R6 obviously does get better mileage. Most crotch rockets get about 200 kilometers to the tank and are used as touring bikes as well.

Therefore, fuel mileage does come into play a little bit when comparing the Yamaha R6 and the Yamaha R1. You do not really get a whole lot over 200 kilometers but about 220 to 230, which you would be stretching on a Yamaha R1 motor bike.

  • Pricing range :

Let us talk about pricing range, which people find to be a little bit frustrating. You would think that the Yamaha R1 motor bike being almost twice the bike size would be twice the price. However, it definitely is not the case; the Yamaha R1 is such a desirable motor bike.

It actually costs a lot less and is easy to find a Yamaha R1 in good shape with reasonable kilometers as compare to the Yamaha R6 motor bike. Therefore, the less price acts as a selling feature for Yamaha R1 motor bike.

  • Advice for beginners :

If you were a brand new rider, we obviously would not recommend just hopping on a Yahama R1 leader bike. If you have had a lot of experience with dirt bikes, we think that does help a lot on learning how to handle a motor bike.When you do not have that good attraction and control because the Yamaha R1 does break loose once in a while.

However, you always have to be on your A game, when you are riding the Yamaha R1 bike. On the Yamaha R6 you can just hop on it and wring it out, you do not really have to worry about breaking traction.

 It is a lot more carefree, you can just hop on it have fun ride on it to the limit and not have to worry about a thing. So that is the main reason why Yamaha R6 is such a popular bike, it is just great all around. It is a very well rounded bike, the power, the frame, and the chassis it all just blends together so nicely, you do not have to think about it just use it.

Pros and cons of both motor bikes :

So, with all that being said we do not think you can go wrong with either of these two Yamaha motor bikes. We hope that that gives you a little more insight as both of these motor bikes are great. One of the main differences is the seat type, if you are a new rider, depending on your preferences, you might not like the high seat type of the Yamaha R6 motor bike.

 You might want to look at something different not necessarily, a Yamaha R1 motor bike, if you are a new rider but something smaller than the Yamaha R6 just so that seat height would not be a problem for you. Yamaha R6 is definitely one of the highest hitting bikes on the market actually, if you did your research.

One of the last major differences here that is worth mentioning is the steering dampener. Most of the Yamaha R1 motor bikes come with a factory steering damper whereas the Yamaha R6 motor bikes do not. So that is a big selling feature for the Yamaha R1 motor bikes as these things work amazingly and prevent accidents.

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Although both of these Yamaha motor bikes have, their own respective perquisites and charms but you cannot really dictate one of them as superior to the other one. According to professionals, you should jump on to a Yamaha R6 for a smooth cruising around the city while you try to show off your brand new motor bike.

However, if you are looking for a motor bike for longer rides and prefer the perfect black LED lights, painted handles along with the powerful roar then you should definitely go for a Yamaha R1 motor bike. We hope that all this information gave you some more insight and you can make an informed decision on which bike would suit your riding style better.


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