R6 mainly goes by the name Yamaha YZF-R6. If you are a motorcycle racer, you probably would have heard about it.

YZF-R6 was launched in 1999 as the fastest racing sports bike. Until 2020, it remained the number 1 among all the racing motorcycles.

Since its manufacture, Yamaha YZF-R6 has undergone many modifications. It has been upgraded every year or two with new and more compatible models.  

One of its modified versions was R6s that came out in 2003-4. Later on, in 2006, a new R6 was launched which goes today as the new “R6”.

If you are considering buying a Yamaha and are confused between R6 and R6s, you have landed on the perfect post to help you sort this problem out!

What is the difference between R6 and R6s?

A simple word to explain the difference between these two models is R6 is more of a “track” friendly bike whereas R6s is more of a “road” friendly bike.

Although similar in appearance, they are quite different in aspects of build, engine, power, and weight.

●     Framework

R6 comes with a stronger magnesium and aluminum build that has high durability to tolerate hits and falls. Whereas R6s has a framework of aluminum only. This makes it lightweight and more road-friendly.

R6 has a lower build to support the center of gravity while racing, whereas R6s have a normal build.

●     Tires

R6 has 120/70/17 front tires that are wider versus 120/60/17 tires of R6s. Because of this variation, R6s need a replacement more often than R6.

●     Engine

R6 came with a 599cc liquid-cooled engine with inline four-cylinder and 16 titanium valves and a tank capacity of 17 liters.

R6s has an engine with a lower capacity to match standard models of motorcycles.

Also, R6’s stronger build makes it possible to have increased RPMs with around 3000 rpm. This makes it more compatible with racing.

●     Clutches and Valves

R6 is popular for its slipper clutch which gives it a cool grip but R6s has a non-slippery clutch.

R6 have titanium valves whereas R6s come with steel valves

●     Power

Since the R6 is built for racing, it has more aggressive power. Even the handlebars are placed 2 inches lower with inverted forks. On the other hand, R6s have a more midrange power capacity.

●     Prices

R6 has a higher price, around $9990. R6s have a bit lower range around $8690.

All these differences aside, both bikes have their own aesthetic appeal and attraction towards a rider.

Peference of R6 vs R6s

Although both models have their special qualities, different populations have different remarks about them.

Those who are more into speed and are velocity lovers, prefer R6. They enjoy riding at high speeds. It is also a preferred model by the racers.

Some people prefer smooth, comfortable rides over speed. This group has a tendency towards R6s because of their road-friendly qualities.

A more popular opinion is that R6s is just a 2003 R6 with an altered styling and color.


What is the meaning of “s” in R6s?

“S” in R6s mainly stands for standard. As more road-friendly motorcycles, they are considered more similar to standard motorcycles.

What is R6 being replaced by?

As for the latest news, Yamaha is working on better models. It is believed that the king of sports riding, R6, might be replaced by a better and upgraded model, R7.

What color ranges are available for these models?

Both these models are available in two color ranges: Icon Blue or stealthy Midnight Black.

These options are available on Yamaha’s official website.


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