So you’re looking for a dirt bike and you find yourself torn between two options: the TW200 and the XT250. The former is beloved by many for its lightweight, agile handling and maneuverability; while the latter has power to spare and a more durable design. Which one is best for you?

We’ll start with the TW200. It’s a 4-stroke, air-cooled engine that’s perfect for beginners and shorter riders (maximum rider height of 5’6″ – 5’9″). Its weight is just over 270 pounds. 

It also has an electric starter that simplifies starting when it’s cold outside.

The engine is a two-valve design, so you’ll be getting good fuel economy and it’s quite easy to keep the air filter clean.

This bike can go anywhere; mud, sand, gravel – no matter what type of terrain, this little thing will cross it with ease. It’s also very fast compared to other ATVs and dirt bikes in its class (up to 65mph), but it still maintains an excellent throttle response for spirited riding on twisty trails or around town.

The XT250 has almost as much torque as the powerful 350s (around 25ft lbs), yet this 250 won’t tear up your drive train like that larger four-strokes might.

It also has electric start makes it more convenient when starting after it’s been sitting for a while outside. The engine is also two-valve, but it does require more maintenance because the oil injection system requires you to periodically remove the rocker cover and “pump” the oil into the combustion chamber.

Overall though, this bike is extremely reliable and will easily get 80+mpg on the highway if ridden at 4k rpm or less.

The suspension design makes it very compact (6’4″) compared to other dual sports, which means it can fit in your garage without needing to remove wheels or stands. This bike will still climb hills with ease due to its light weight of only 350 lbs when fully fueled with gas and oil mixed together in 1:40 ratio.

To Summarize

TW200 Pros:

-Lightweight makes it easy to ride, suitable for smaller riders.

-It can go just about anywhere on any trail, road, or path you desire

-High fuel economy means less time on the trail and more fun off of it.

-Electric start is nice when starting after it’s been sitting outside in cold temperatures for an extended period of time

-Can fit through narrow gates and trails where larger motorcycles cannot because of its compact design.

-Easier to perform routine maintenance due to the lower number of components involved (less things that can break). Cons:

-Very limited speed compared to other dirt bikes (maximum speed ~80mph)

XT250 Pros:

-More power, higher top speed (80+ mph)

-Electric start is nice, but not as important as on the TW200 because this bike doesn’t stall when it’s cold. -Comfortable riding position

-Faster than TW200 means less energy wasted while climbing hills and traversing challenging trails. Cons: -Heavier than the TW200 by ~70lbs

-Receives higher amounts of abuse because of increased power levels.

Tw200 cons:

-It only reaches speeds up to 80mph -The front suspension is a bit weak and can’t be easily adjusted to suit the terrain you’re riding on

-It’s an old design, so it doesn’t have modern safety features like turn signals or spark arrestors

XT250 cons:

-It’s a bigger and heavier bike compared to the TW200, so it gets knocked around more while going over trails

-Not as fuel-efficient or easy to maintain because of its injection system.

-It doesn’t have an electric start like other modern dirtbikes do.

Overall choice

Both bikes serve their purpose and perform very well in specific situations depending on what you’re looking for. The XT250 is better if you want a faster ride that can also climb hills quickly, while the TW200 performs well in tight areas where its lightweight and smaller size gives it an advantage over larger off-road motorcycles.

However, if you don’t mind taking a little longer to get back home and prefer a lighter weight ride without sacrificing too much in terms of top speed capability, the Tw200 is better for tight trail riding while still being able to do a little highway cruising.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please leave them in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Cheers!


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