We’re all looking for that one, a great motorbike to suit just us. Some people want an extremely fast bike with the power to satisfy their adrenaline cravings while some are looking for something comfier and more practical. Whatever your reason may be, two of the most popular motorbikes right now are the Yamaha Zuma and Honda Ruckus. Let’s compare them so you can see which one is better suited for you!

The Yamaha Zuma

With its 50 cc engine, this scooter-styled motorbike has a maximum output of 4 bhp at 6500 rpm along with 4 lb-ft of torque at 5500 rpm. It weighs around 368 pounds (dry) and has a seat height range from 29-31 inches. There’s also an available reverse gear for those tight spots and tough maneuvering.

The biggest downside for this motorbike is its lack of power and overall speed. It has a top speed of 40 mph which can greatly limit your range if you need to travel further distances or go uphill. Another drawback is the short seat height option, limiting the number of people who can ride with you at once (according to weight, not all heights). The Zuma does come equipped standard with such features as ABS braking and LED lights which put it above some other motorbikes on the market that don’t even have these things!

The Honda Ruckus

With its 49 cc engine, this bike comes with a maximum output of 1 bhp at 7000 rpm along with 1 lb-ft of torque at 5500 rpm. It weighs about 301 pounds (dry) and has a seat height range from 30-33 inches. Like the Yamaha Zuma, it also has a reverse gear for those tight spots and tough maneuvering situations.

The biggest downside to this motorbike is its lack of power and speed as well. Even though it produces more horsepower than the Zuma, it still manages a maximum output of less than 40 mph which can put a damper on your long distance travels or steep inclines. The Ruckus also doesn’t come equipped standard with any features such as ABS braking or LED lights so you’ll have to buy these separately if you want them!

The biggest pros to the Yamaha Zuma are its lower price point, standard features, and seating options. The cons are its lack of power and speed as well as being wider than some other motorbikes so it’s more difficult to maneuver in tight spaces.

The biggest pros for the Honda Ruckus is that it can accommodate taller riders since the seat height range starts at 30 inches compared with the 29 inches on the Zuma. It also costs less than most others but still has a similar horsepower level which means you won’t have to worry about not having enough juice to get up hills or go long distances. The cons are that there’s not much available information on this bike (it rides like aoped) and that it doesn’t come with ABS or LED lights.


Overall, the Yamaha Zuma is probably better suited for those looking for a more reliable motorbike that can go long distances and travel uphill easily without sacrificing power. The Honda Ruckus is great for those who are shorter or want to save money on equipment since it comes cheaper than most other motorbikes out there! Either way, both motorcycles are incredibly fun to ride so pick one today and head down to your closest dealership!

The Yamaha Zuma can be a great motorbike for some people but it’s not exactly ideal for others. It all depends on what you’re looking for in your ideal bike!

The Honda Ruckus is advertised as being an extremely rugged and durable motorbike which can be beneficial if you plan on riding off-road or through bumpy terrain regularly. And its price is definitely lower than the Yamaha Zuma which makes it even more attractive to potential buyers. However, there are drawbacks to this motorbike too that might make it less appealing to some riders. Overall, both of these bikes have their upsides and downsides so read into them before making your final decision!


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