For racers, speed is something that they define their life with.  It the source of their excitement and what determines their fate. During a race, a racer only focuses on what is ahead of them, they focus on the red ribbon at the end of the route. At during that time, comfort is the last thing they need to be concerned about.

Suzuki Hayabusa is a sports bike that is critically acclaimed to be one of the fastest sports bikes in the world with its top speed ranging from 303-312 km/h. Which great speed comes the need to have impeccable comfort to avoid any accident.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with our hand-picked selection of Hayabusa seats that not only look good but serve the purpose of safety and comfort. The picks we are going to provide you with have a long price range, an extensive variety as well as color variation.

So buckle up! Because here are our 5 picks for the best seating items for Suzuki Hayabusa that will throw discomfort out of the equation.

YSMOTO Motorcycle Seat Cushion

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If you are looking for an extra comfortable ride while zooming away at your Hayabusa, this seat cushion from YSMOTO just serves the purpose. Designed with double-layered cushions, this item adds an extra layer of comfort to the Hayabusa seat.

This motorcycle cushion is made up of 3 different materials including high-quality leather, ABS plastic, and of course, a high-density foam. The combination of these 3 items ensures that the rider does not result in a sore back from long-term riding.

This black high-density foam is up for grabs on amazon for a stealing price of $25.96 US Dollars. Not only this, but YSMOTO also offers a 180-day money-back warranty in case you receive a faulty product. The only downside to this item is that it is not customizable, something that users of Hayabusa motorcycle users like to indulge in.

HTTMT PS1307 Rear Pillion Passenger Seat

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When it comes to the variety in shapes of rear seat cushions, these rear passenger seat cushions from HTTMT are on top. The item comes with not one, not two but 16 different shapes and sizes. Made up of high-density shock absorbent foam, it is a safe choice to opt for.

The item is made up of high flexibility leather in addition to its ABS plastic and foam. This makes the surface of the seat very smooth and shiny making it comfortable for the racers to enjoy longer moto cycle rides.

In addition to its sleek finish, the item also has minimal installation instructions with the only requirement being “directly bolt it onto the tail”. This 16-variation item is up for grabs on amazon for 23.29 U.S. dollars.

Tiger Motor Rear Pillion Passenger Seat

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This rear passenger seat from Tiger Motor is the cheapest one out of our entire collection and serves its purpose as well. It is made up of PP plastic in addition to its usual high-quality leather, which not only makes it comfortable but also makes it extremely durable.

This item fits perfectly on the Hayabusa models and no installation instructions are specifically required. This is because it is made by using compression mold technology that requires pre-drilled and precise fittings.

The item has a very clean finish and comes in a matte black color which makes it suitable for all kinds of racing bikes. With its collective all-roundedness, this black rear passenger seat is up for grabs on Aliexpress at an inexpensive price of 21.64 U.S. Dollars.

Yana Shiki Rear Seat

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Moving forward to the expensive side of our choices, the rear seat from Yana Shiki may be an expensive choice, but the expensiveness does complete justice. Made by the experienced craftsman of the brand, this rear seat adds reliability and quality to your motorcycle.

Made with high-quality plastic, this rear seat has multiple layers of foam topped off with a high-quality layer of leather, making the rear seat extremely comfortable for long rides. It also has pre-drilled and precise fittings making it easier to fit one that exactly fits your Hayabusa.

The item has a clean and shiny finish which makes it look more shiner complimenting the rest of your shining Hayabusa. This rear seat with easy to install instructions is available of Motorcycleid at a very high but warranted price of 110.65 U.S. Dollars

Yana Shiki Solo Seat

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The most expensive one on this list, the Yana Shiki Solo seat has one thing that sets it apart from the rest of the items on this list. It is its color. The item comes in a striking silver color. Something not seen in any of the previous items here.

Another feature that is very unique in this list is that this item is a Solo Seat, not a rear passenger seat. The solo seat is made up of high-quality leather and ABS plastic, making it of similar material and comfort as a rear seat.

The seat also sports 4 high-quality iron springs that make it very durable as the spring distributes the weight around the seat well. This silver item is up for grabs on the website of motorcycleid at the most expensive cost of 118.58 U.S. Dollars.

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Well, here are our choices and we hope you could find your perfect match. Whether it is the seat with 16 designing variations or just a simple rear seat, whether it is a rear or a solo seat, whether it is your preference of matte black versus shiny black or whether you want a colorful option like silver, we hope that you could at least leave this page with a mindset on what kind of seat you want to buy.

Whatever choice you make, we will be here cheering on you and your Hayabusa, ready to celebrate its newest addition of a seat.


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