If you are looking for modern and long-lasting tires, we have got you all covered. As a note, whenever you buy a tire, make sure to read the motorcycle’s manual to go with the best fit.

Now, if you own a motorcycle that can work on two different types of tires like MT90B16 and 130 90B16,  you will indeed be looking out for what’s the difference between these two?!

Only those tires are the best that can attain the highest possible speed with an impeccable load rating.

To save you time and energy, we have summarized the comparison of  MT90B16 vs 130 90B16 below.

Are MT90B16 and 130 90B16 the same?

It is the most asked question about the MT90B16 vs 130 90B16 tires. It looks like both MT90B16 and 130 90B16 are alike! However, if you analyze closely, the significant difference is the load rating.

The MT90B16 load rating is heavier than the latter. Although, it is being observed that the width and diameter of MT90B16 are a little smaller than 130 90B16. According to most reviews, the owners of MT90B16 and 130 90B16 do not experience any issues with both of these!

What Is the Difference Between MT90B16 And 130 90B16?

The MT90B16 accounts for a higher loading rate of about 72 compared to 130 90B16 which is only 67. Due to this substantial difference, the MT90B16 accounts for the higher price.

So for the comparison between the MT90B16 vs 130 90B16, look out for the table below! Here are a few specs from Metzler that highlights the slightest differences between these two.

Let’s Have a Look Into The Comparison Between MT90B16 vs 130 90B16

Mentioned below are the specs of MT90B16 vs 130 90B16:

ComparisonMT90B16130 90B16
Measuring Rim3.003.00
Rims Permitted2.50 – 3.502.50 – 3.50
Maximum Width136142
Maximum Diameter643657
Load Capacity783677
Min/Max PSI36 – 4038 – 42
Maximum Speed130130
Tread Depth5.06.0
Tire Weight15.9514.55

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

●     Is an MT90B16 the same as a 130 90B16?

It is the same as 130 90B16 with a significant difference in load rating.

●     What size tire is MT90B16?

The MT90B16 size tire is 130/90B16.

●     What is the difference between MT90B16 and MU85B16?

It’s simple! The following number after the letters “MT” or “MU” is not the height. However, this number is the aspect ratio which means in “MT90B16”, the height is 90% of the width, and in “MU85B16”, the height is 85% of the width. So, to generalize:

  • MT90 would be: 130 mm (wide) and 117 mm (high)
  • MU90 would be: 140 mm (wide) and 126 mm (high)
  • MT85 would be: 130 mm (wide) and 110 mm (high)
  • MU85 would be 140 mm (wide) and 119 mm (high)
●     What does MT90B16 mean?

M stands for: motorcycle tire, T: width (90), Aspect ratio: cross-section height is 90% of the width.


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