If your clutch has been slipping, off, or causing you trouble and you have bought a new race clutch for it and cannot figure out how to install it because you lack the experience since you have never done it before then you do not need to worry. As a beginner, you might think that disengaging the clutch for your Ninja 300 motor bike might be a difficult task due to the complexity of the structure besides the fear of messing things up much more than they already are.

However, with the help of all the information gathered regarding the installation and disengaging of your Ninja 300 motor bike clutch, you will be able to find each and every step mentioned clearly to help you disassemble and bring about the installation procedure as a single stop article. Along with the detailed information about the do’s and do not’s you should be well aware about while dealing with the not disengaging situation of your clutch for your Ninja 300 motor bike. By the end of this article, you will be confident enough to not only help yourself but also volunteer to help other in need.

How to fix the not disengaging clutch for Ninja 300 :

The first thing you will notice if your clutch is not engaging is that while driving your Ninja 300 motor bike you put the bike into gear it stalls immediately like the clutch is not engaging this could mean that your clutch is sticking or can mean that your cable up to where it should be.

Things required :

You will find an adjuster right under the engine, so you’re pulling it in and the cables not giving the clutch enough tension to go outwards. Make sure that the steel plates are moving so it can be one of those options or it could be that you have grooves in your clutch plate. Whatever the case might be, all you need to handle the situation is the oil appropriate for the vehicle, sand paper, and a clutch holder tool.

Issues that might have triggered clutch disengagement :

A lot of issues might right if you use the wrong oil, it will start sticking together the clutch plates as well so if you use four-stroke oil that could be a problem as they fuse the clutches and causes it to lose the friction required to change gears. The other problem that might disturb your casual ride is using car oil that can cause clutch footage to halt.

Procedure :

First, you need to soak the steel plates of the clutch in motor bike oil for at least 10 minutes or even overnight for better results. Then use the sand paper to sand down all these steel plates and make sure they are all loose which will indicate that all the steel plates are nice and ready. They will not stick to each other anymore, which will ensure that you do not have to clean further.

The next thing you have to do is clean out the engine and get rid of all the impurities on it. You should try to get all the dirt in there or all the sludge that has been built up at the bottom. Now the easiest way to do clean the sludge from the engine is to either go or rent out one of the air compressors or if you have one of your friends who own this then simply borrow it from them.

Another solution for cleaning your engine is that you could get one of the sprays that are like a computer dust bottle. Then just spray the sprayer out of them onto the engine and go get some brake cleaner from O’Reilly or an apple auto parts whatever is available to you.

Spray it properly on your engine from top to bottom and get it all in there. Then you are going to lean the bike over and you will have to blow all the sludge and spray mixture all out of the engine and dry it out.

You would want to look around and make sure everything looks good lined up. Then put all of the bolts in by hand, there are going to be the ones here that are hard ones because they are close to the clutch cable. This only will be the sturdiest part, while you try to fix the not disengaging clutch on your Ninja 300 motor bike, but still not cause trouble at all. For the clutch cover, each of these bolts is 9.8 Newton meters or that is 87-inch pounds so torque all these down and make sure that the cover is tightly fit.

Do’s and Do not’s :

When you are done with the cleaning of your engine, you are going to want to put all these in the correct way. For this, you might want to get your bike manual and make sure that you have the correct amount as well and the correct order of the steel springs. Then the other thing is not to over-torque these steel plates.

The springs right next to the steel plates and the engine are to be placed carefully; if you over-torque them then the springs would grab the steel plates excessively much. This could cause your clutch to grip and you do not want that as it would damage the clutch of your Ninja 300 motor bike, as it is better to rather be safe than sorry.

Usually, motor bikes do not have any torque specs for the clutches, so the only thing you need to do is to just make sure that they are finger tight. By the term finger tight we mean is to put four fingers on the socket wrench push it until you physically cannot do it anymore.  Then make sure you do that in a crisscross pattern or a star pattern whatever you guys want to call it. Now once you are done with it make sure to put oil in the bike and then what you are going to do is to want to come up to the seat and observe the handle as you are not done yet.

You should pull on the wire right here on the headset near the clutch and then you are going to tap this wire. When you see that free play, right there you are going to want to get a vise grip or some pliers swing. This would push the wire in a little more and it will be now the correct free play position. Usually, the correct positioning will be written in the manual of your Ninja 300 motor bike.

Nevertheless, according to professional mechanics, the position will be a centimeter to like five centimeters to the maximum. With the help of free play, you are going to have your motorbike cruise around easily. Therefore, if you really do not feel the clutch engaging at all after all this then it means it is still not work, then go to the mechanic and have them check it out.

This is the standard position and it used to go further where you cannot push it to D clutch then there’s almost zero travel left in this cable where it has to be attached to your clutch in Ninja 300 motor bike.

Important tips to remember are that with absolutely no free play at the lever you are actually putting tension on the cable. In addition, what that does is actually slightly separating the clutch plates just enough to increase wear, and over time, you are just going to have a clutch go out even faster. Moreover, if the clutch lever is placed with too much free play it might not allow the clutch plates to separate quite enough.

Therefore, when you do pop it into the gear, you will feel it tug and jerk or you might notice that it will be really tough to shift between gears. In short, it really takes only about 2 to 3 minutes to adjust your clutch properly and without any exaggeration, you would only require about the 12-millimeter wrench to make all the adjustments whether you are fixing the disengagement or installing a completely new clutch in your Ninja 300 motorbike.

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By now, you would have realized that you were just being fearful of a simple procedure that took barely about 10 to 20 minutes and you would feel much more confident about yourself now. This article will not only clear any of your confusions related to the installation procedure but also help you in the future, as you would not require a mechanic to fix any issue you face regarding your clutch disengagement. We hope that this article helped you out to get you down the road and have a smooth and steady journey while you change the gears of your Ninja 300 motor bike.


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