The more you care about something, the more you are prone to lose it. For instance, the keys to your motorcycle. Situations like losing a key are a tough matter, especially for one who is a bike lover. This is why you frequently have to skip out on exciting trips or important work.

Motorcycle keys have a tendency to disappear precisely when you need them the most. Though it is accurate, it does not imply that you should postpone your ride due to this.  Starting a motorcycle without keys is not just for robbers. This article will assist you in dealing with such a situation by providing step-by-step guidance on how to move your bike without the keys.

Fundamentals of Motorcycle

Before we get into the meat of the matter, let us go over some fundamentals. Because if you do not know this basic stuff, starting your motorcycle without a key may become impossible.

  • Ignition System:

The ignition system is the mechanism for causing ignition in an internal combustion engine, which is generally initiated by a key or switch. Its aim is to generate an electric spark in the engine combustion chamber at precisely the appropriate time, igniting the mixture of fuel and air.

Moreover, you should also be familiar with the wiring covers, sleeves, ignition wiring system, and speaker wires.

  • The Identity of Wires:

We are all aware that a motorcycle’s cover conceals a tangle of wires. Particularly on contemporary motorcycles. As a result, it is critical to understand which wire is being utilized for what application.

  • The Identity of Caps:

Each wire has a type of plastic cover at the beginning and end. It is simpler to start the bike if you are familiar with the joints of these caps.

  • The Identity of Sleeves:

The sleeve is the most important element of the wire connection. The sleeve separates the connection between the wires.

  • Wiring Process Ideas:

You are certainly aware that the bike’s lock mechanism operates with wire. When we put the key in the proper spot and wring to start the bike, the engine begins.

Steps to Start Bike without the Keys

Here are few simple steps to help you start your bike without the keys.

Step 1: Find the Wires

First, have a look at the bottom of the bike’s handlebars. Turn the handlebars from left to right if you cannot detect the wires. You will notice a slew of cables closely packed together. There will then be two to three sockets there. Take a peek at the sleeve; you will notice different colored wires there. Wires are often red, green, yellow, white, and blue in color. It is determined by the model of the bike and takes some effort to locate the wiring on the new model bike. You must locate the correct wire, which is the source of ignition.

To start your motorcycle’s engine, you must first turn on the ignition. Some motorcycles include covers to protect the ignition wire. You must locate the wires on the ignition system. Some motorcycles, however, do not have a covered ignition wire system. It is extremely easy to locate the wiring on such bikes. Once ignited this wire links to the engine as well as other elements of the motorbike.

It is time to go on to the next step once you have located the wires.

Step 2:  Insert the speaker wire into the socket

This is a critical phase in the procedure. The reason for this is that the speaker cables are now performing the work. Remember that you detached the two caps to get the sockets. The speaker cables must be inserted into the socket.

The ignition is linked to one end of the cap, and the other end is connected to the other portion. There are two or three additional caps there now. All you need to do is locate the three wires linked to the ignition device.

To make adequate room, pull the cap you previously detached out of the way. Place one end of the wire in the first socket and the other end in the second socket. Wires that are longer are the best. As a result, you should avoid utilizing wires less than 3 inches for this operation since they are too short.

The lights will turn on after the two ends of the speaker wires are inserted into the sockets. If the lights are not working, try plugging each speaker cable into a different socket. It is important to switch on to the last phase as soon as the lights come on.

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Step 3: Press the bikes ignition button

As soon as the lights are turned on, push the start button. The engine sound will be heard as soon as you do so, and the bike will start. The motorbike has been started and is all set to serve you.

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The instructions above are simple to follow and will restore full functioning to your bike in minutes. If you have forgotten your keys at home, go retrieve them, and if you have misplaced them, get expert assistance. The reason for this is that this procedure is not intended to be a permanent solution, but rather a means of assisting you if you forget or lose your keys.


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