Are you looking to get your Motorcycle tires changed? If so, Michelin is the big name in the tire world!

Michelin is ranked as the number one tire manufacturing company in the world. The company makes tires for different types of vehicles.

Michelin never disappointed its customers and always made sure to provide tires that maintained high performance and efficiency standards throughout their lifetime.

In this article, we will discuss two of the best productions of Michelin, which are Scorcher 31 and Commander II. They are notably different from each other in construction and features.

Let’s have a look at these two!

1.    Scorcher 3

Scorcher 31 is quite popular in the market. It is stylish and a good-looking tire. The tire is also used as original equipment on almost all Sportsters and Dyna models, so the quality is more than just good!

Some of the reasons why Scorcher 31 is the right tire for you are:

  • The first and foremost feature is its remarkable grip as it provides maximum grip even on wet rains, so you can ride safely.
  • It ensures maximum stability even at high speed.
  • It also makes sure to provide extraordinary handling.

Quick Prominent Features

Prominent features of Scorcher 31 are as follows:

  • High Durability
  • Good wet grip
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Responsive handling

2.    Commander II

Michelin Commander II has become a popular tire for cruiser bikes in the market. It is highly durable and tough.

Commander II is the right tire for you if you need:

  • An innovative look as the premium finish of the tire gives your bike a perfect appearance. 
  • A comfortable, smooth, stable, and reliable ride even at high speed.
  • A vibration-free tire.    
  • An excellent wet grip, even more than Scorcher 31.

Quick Prominent Features

Here are a few quick features of commander II:

  • Remarkable stability & durability
  • Fantastic wet grip 
  • An advanced innovative look
  • Excellent Responsive handling

Scorcher 31 vs. Commander II

Scorcher 31Commander II
 Good wet grip Excellent wet grip
 More elegant pattern More aggressive pattern
 Great steering and comfort Good steering and comfort
 Average Durability High Durability

Wrapping Up

Both tires are good, but Commander II is generally more recommended. If you want an aggressive look with a lifetime guarantee then go for Commander II. Or else, if you need a more comfortable ride, Scorcher 31 will perfectly work for you.


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