Choosing the proper tires might be difficult due to the large number of options available.

It is critical not to sacrifice tire quality for cost savings.

As a result, make sure to conduct your homework before making a purchase. Consider which tire would be ideal for your driving style and needs.

If you want a set of tires that will last a long time, the extra cost is well worth it. Premium tires are built to a certain level and deliver exceptional performance. They’ve been thoroughly tested and are made entirely of high-quality materials.

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In terms of research & development, the manufacturers invest a significant amount of money and time.

List of Wholesale Motorcycle Tires Vendors And Suppliers:

  • Wheels In Motion
  • Thermal Technology
  • Dunlop
  • ChapMoto
  • American Moto Tire

1. Wheels In Motion

They are powersports fans at Wheels In Motion, and they can’t wait to help you discover the excitement and adventure that a quality powersports dealership can bring into your life!

Wheels In Motion is also a Polaris, Ducati, Kawasaki, and Yamaha approved motorcycle and ATV dealer.

If you’re looking for a motorcycle, come to their Southern California motorcycle dealership, where they sell both new and used motorcycles. Chatsworth, California is home to Wheels in Motion.

Contact Info:


CALL: 866.842.7080 / 818.576.0002 

2. Thermal Technology

The Thermal Technology firm began investigating carbon as a resistive element in 2001. They began researching carbon as a heating element for “heating coverings for tires” in motorcycle racing, today known as motorcycle tire warmers, after several tests and scientific investigations.

They began manufacturing motorcycle racing tires and heating covers for industrial usage by the end of 2003.

Thermal Technology became the legal partner of a winning Formula One team in 2004.

They began using their carbon technique to heat floors in 2005. Romania built the first system of this type. Thermal Technology manufactured 2750 sqm of material for heating floors in the winter of 2005-2006.

They investigated the operation, thermal potential, and power consumption of both indoor and outdoor heating systems after designing our revolutionary surface heating technology.

Contact Info:

Email: [email protected]


3. Dunlop

Their factory in Buffalo, New York, was considered critical, and our American workers worked nonstop for the duration of the lockdown.

They’re offering a Dunlop Pro Dealer Exclusive Rebate to help the locally owned dealer sell more Dunlop tires.

If you’re looking for new Dunlop motorcycle tires, make sure they’ll fit your customer’s bike and its intended use.

Before installing tires on makes and models not covered by the Dunlop Motorcycle Tire Application Guide, contact Dunlop.

When radial tires are installed on an unsuitable vehicle, it can lead to instability and accidents.

Some motorcycles are solely equipped with radials. Before installing radial replacements, check with the motorcycle manufacturer to confirm you’re using the correct specification and combination for your customer’s bike.

Only radials that match the original equipment may be installed on some motorcycles. 

Contact Info:

Address: 8656 Haven Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730

Phone: 800-845-8378


4. ChapMoto

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for new motorcycle tires. ChapMoto is the leading provider of motorcycle tire bargains on the internet! 

It’s where you’ll find the most competitive tire pricing on the internet. Do you have a pressing need for new treads? Continue reading! It might be time for an update if it’s time for new tires. has the high-quality tires you’re looking for. They have the most competitive motorcycle tire prices on the internet. Take advantage of their FREE shipping if your order is over $99. 

Now is the time to look over their large collection. Set aside time to look for tires and motorbike parts, as well as to price out your motorcycle tire. is your one-stop shop for motorcycle tires.

For the lowest deals on motorcycle tires for sale online, look no further than our huge assortment. 

They’ve always aimed to be your one-stop shop for low-cost motorcycle parts and accessories at Are you looking for inexpensive motorbike tires? 

Their rates are low, but not at the expense of quality! They understand the importance of earning your business, so they never charge a premium for the high-quality parts you need to repair, upgrade, or maintain your motorcycle. We take pride in offering the lowest economical bike tire prices on the internet.

They are dedicated to providing the best online motorcycle tire costs. They constantly and proudly provide you the greatest tire deals, with seasonal closeout promotions. They keep their overhead minimal and pass the savings on to our long-term consumers. 

Save money by shopping online or visiting their showroom if you’re in the area. Take advantage of street tire rebates and get discounted motorcycle tire sets to save even more money. 

They carry everything from clearance tires to OEM and sportbike tires.

Contact Info:


5. American Moto Tire

Getting a good deal on motorcycle tires doesn’t have to mean settling for poor quality. Every rider understands that having the finest quality and right tires placed on their motorcycle is critical to their safety.

That is why, at American Moto Tire (AMT), they take pleasure in stocking all of the most well-known ATV, UTV, and motorcycle tire brands at competitive pricing to suit any budget.

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Tires for cruisers and V-twins should be able to sustain a large load while still offering decent grip and a smooth ride. 

Touring and Sport Touring tires are designed for long-distance travel and are typically made of a tougher rubber for a higher load capacity, as well as being all-season rated and developed for longer tread life.

At lower temperatures, they often provide more grip. Sport touring tires are generally utilized for long-distance travel and high-load capacity. 

When it comes to Sportbike tires, you want something that can handle high speeds and horsepower while providing excellent mechanical and chemical gripping for cornering and steering.

Race tires are primarily designed for a variety of racing and riding circumstances, with a focus on optimizing traction to help you achieve faster lap times and higher competitive performance.

Contact Info:

Address:, 329 W Lone Cactus Dr # 6, Phoenix, AZ 85027



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