Hitting the road with your Harley Davidson bike is no doubt another level of experience. You just get a whole new vibe that sets your mood to improve the structure and functioning of your bike.

Obsessed bikers always seek new ways of modifying their bike. And therefore, they always keep a keen eye on the design and maintenance of their bike. For instance, they make sure that the paint and body parts of the motorcycle are all in place, looking clean.

If once in a while, you feel like your Harley Davidson bike needs another coat of paint, you should get ready to look for a paint code that perfectly matches the original color of your bike.

Sometimes, a VIN i.e., Vehicle Identification Number is necessary to provide some extra information about the vehicle.

To get the right guidelines for your Harley Davidson VIN number and paint code, read this blog till the end. Now, let’s get started!

What is a VIN?

Before anything, you must know what VIN means. It stands for Vehicle Identification Number. Each car or motorcycle carries a different VIN which means that two of these can’t be the same.

It acts more like a fingerprint consisting of 17 characters. This number gives special information about the specifications, manufacturer, and paint code.

With a single VIN, you can do several other things like tracking, registration, warranties, or insurance. But most importantly, it can help you get the right paint color for your bike through the paint code.

Choosing the Right Paint Code

Although the VIN of a Harley Davidson bike doesn’t directly provide information about the paint code, it can somehow help to reach out to the manufacturer.

There is a large variety of shades in a single color, which is why a paint code is highly necessary when repainting your bike. Among the several ways through which you can find the right paint code for your Harley Davidson bike, some include:

  • Call your dealer from whom you bought the bike. Use your VIN and discuss the paint code that matches it.
  • Directly communicating with the manufacturer.

Using online platforms as a big search engine. Type your VIN and search for the right paint code.


Does the VIN tell paint color?

Not really! The VIN doesn’t help regarding the paint color. Instead, using the information provided with this number (e.g., manufacturer, specifications, etc.) it becomes easy to communicate with the company who painted the bike.

This way, you can learn about the paint code or paint color that is used on your vehicle.

Where is the paint code on a Harley Davidson?

On a Harley Davidson, you’ll either find the paint code on a sticker or label that certifies a vehicle. Or you can also find it on the sticker for the service parts identification number.

If you can’t find it in both of these options, check the fenders of your bike or the space under your tank. You’ll probably see a label there.

How do I find the original paint code on my VIN?

To find the exact original paint code, you’ll need to contact the manufacturer of your bike. It is because only he can tell the exact paint color that will match your bike.

As per the instructions, you can check it everywhere. Either manufacturers or online forums, make sure to notice the names and colors of the paint codes.

How do I find my motorcycle paint code?

Finding the right paint code for your motorcycle is not a difficult job. You just have to contact your manufacturer or the company from which you bought the motorcycle.

And after keeping all the guidelines in mind, you’ll find the right paint code for your motorcycle.