Finally, the winter is over and spring has come. Now it’s the right time to take out the motorcycle and go for a long ride and enjoy the fresh spring air.

However, there is one problem and that is; that motorcycles won’t start after winter. After sitting through the whole of the winter, it just won’t start.

Let’s find out the reasons in this article below:

Reasons for Motorcycles Not Working After Winter

There are a number of reasons why motorcycles fail to work after winter. Let’s look into them as follows:

Motorcycle With a Carburettor

Motorcycles with a carburettor have a hard time starting after winter. A carburettor mixes air and fuel and is sent to the intake valve to get the motorcycle ignited.

But due to cool air being denser, the carburettor can take in more air molecules than required for the mixture.  Thus, this causes problems for the motorcycle to ignite after winter.

Battery Problems

The battery can be the real issue for the motorcycle to not start after winter.  Due to the freezing weather, the batteries can get swollen or enlarged. A cold battery has a hard time creating a chemical reaction to crank up the engine.

Oil Viscosity

Viscosity means the fluid’s internal resistance to flow.  In the cold weather, the oil present in the motorcycle becomes thick and resists flowing through the engine to crank it up.

Evaporation of the Gas

For a motorcycle to start, it has to vaporize the gas present in its cylinder. This becomes difficult after winter. As cold weather causes the gas to evaporate much more slowly as compared to summer times.  Thus, the engine doesn’t startup.

Solutions To Fix the Problems

As we have discussed the problems a motorcycle has to face in order to start after winter.  Let’s see what precautions can be taken to prevent these problems:

  • Take the battery out of the motorcycle and keep it charged separately on a battery tender.
  • Keep the motorcycle in a heated garage.
  • Place an electric heater near the engine of the motorcycle to keep the engine warm during the winter.
  • Put a warm blanket over the motorcycle
  • Empty your bike of all fuel so that it does not get thick during the winter.

Following these solutions will allow the bikers to enjoy a hassle-free ride starting in springtime. It is all in the way you take care of your bike.  The more care you give to it the better results it will provide for you.


How Do You Start a Motorcycle That Has Been Sitting for Over a Month?

To start a motorcycle that has been sitting for a while, firstly charge/change its battery.  Then change the oil, examine the carburettor, fill the gas and check its jets for clogging.

Why Is My Motorcycle Turning Over but Not Starting?

If the motorcycle is turning over but not starting then there is some problem with the battery.  It may be having a hard time creating a spark, getting fuel, or creating compressions to crank up the engine.


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