“You don’t stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding.” If you want to keep your motorcycle and yourself young, you have to choose the best motorcycle battery in the market.

With the vast variety of high-performance motorcycle batteries in today’s market, deciding which motorcycle battery to buy is a difficult decision to make but not to worry because we have got your back in this matter.

Cold Cranking Amperes ratings (CCA) are an important determinant of your motorcycle’s battery performance and thus the entire ride because the motorcycle battery is the heart and soul of the ride.

 In this article, we have prepared a concise analysis of our findings regarding the highest cold cranking ampere motorcycle batteries best suited for your bikes. Each battery’s details, CCA ratings, and Ampere Hours are mentioned along.

1. Yuasa AGM Battery

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries for motorcycles were first introduced by Yuasa in 1983. AGM batteries are compact in size, lightweight, and high CCA rating batteries with a long lifespan renowned for being maintenance-free.

Yuasa motorcycle batteries are ready to use once they are filled with acid, the acid is absorbed on the plates of batteries and there are zero risks of acid leaks and such similar hassles.  

Yuasa AGM batteries are designed in a way that they do not require to be filled with water now and then. Of all of the Yuasa AGM battery series, the GYZ series consists of the highest CCA rating, heavy-duty batteries. Yuasa AGM GYZ series is known as the most strengthened motorcycle battery in terms of power.

The YTZ series is best suited for sportbikes application given they are light in weight with high cranking power. 

Yuasa best motorcycle battery models

  • YTX20L-BS

CCA: 270

Amps: 1.8

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  • GYZ32HL

CCA: 500

Amps: 3.2

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2. Harley Davidson OEM Motorcycle Batteries

Harley Davidson Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) motorcycle batteries are yet again AGM technology, manageable, hassle-free, and compact batteries with a long-lasting life span. 

Harley Davidson best motorcycle battery models

  • HDX30L

CCA: 400

AH: 28

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Since it is an AGM battery, it is maintenance-free. You do not have to worry even a bit about acid leakages and spills. You will receive it completely charged and ready to use on your Harley.

Once you have successfully installed it your motorcycle, you will not need to repair and maintain it.  With its high CCA ratings, the HDX30L motorcycle battery will kick start your motorcycle in the coldest weather of the USA.  

28 Ampere hours ensure that it is a powerful battery promising the best motorcycle performance. It is important to inform here that this battery tends to be a bit heavy and costly too.

  • HDX20L

CCA: 310

AH: 18

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HDX20L is a replacement battery for Harley Davidson motorcycles. It would not be wrong to call HDX20L the little sister of HDX30L because most of its features are similar to HDX30L.

HDX20L is also a powerful battery, maintenance-free and it comes fully charged ready to install in your motorcycle with a leak-safe and spill-proof design except that HDX30L is more powerful given it has higher a CCA rating and Ampere hours. 

It has its pros like it is compatible with most Harley Davidson motorcycles, light on the pocket as compared to HDX30L, and is readily available at ThrottleX with a warranty of 18 months. 

  • MX30L

CCA: 600+

AH: 30

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MX30L is yet another one of the OEM Harley Davidson replacement batteries. Maintenance-free, leak-proof, and spill-proof, MX30L is also an AGM technology motorcycle battery with an added feature of vibration resistance which provides safety against fast-starting AGM power.

The vibration resistance technology enhances the service quality, performance, service life, and durability. It is one of the best cold cranking ampere rating motorcycle batteries.

Like HDX30L and HDX20L, MX30L is also readily available at the motorcycle batteries retailer ThrottleX with a 12month warranty. MX30L is not an ordinary or regular battery but high performance, heavy-duty motorcycle battery for zealous riders.

Similar to HDX30L and HDX20L, you will receive MX30L fully charged ready to install onto your motorcycle.  Its high cold cranking power and ampere-hours ensure its high-quality performance in extreme weather. 


3. Antigravity Lithium YTX12-20 Motorcycle Battery

CCA: 600

AH: 22

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Antigravity lithium YTX12-20 ranks second on the list of the world’s most powerful batteries. It is an OEM fit battery, best for battery replacements as it is compatible with several motorcycles.

Lithium YTX12-20 has a compact size making itself fit for race cars is a plus. Antigravity lithium motorcycle battery is a lightweight, budget-friendly yet powerful battery best for daily in-use motorcycles. 

If you own adventure bikes or touring bikes, you will be glad to learn that in addition to everyday bikes and race cars this high-performance powerful battery is compatible with them too.

If there is no parasitic drain, the battery may last up to a year on a single charge. It is waterproof and this 600 cranking amp powerful and ultra-lightweight battery comes with a 3-year warranty so that you can make a purchase and utilize it with confidence.

4. Deka Sports Power ETX 30L

CCA: 400 

AH: 26

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Deka sports power battery is incorporated with AGM technology making it safe from acidic leaks and spills. The battery is sealed and maintenance-free making it reliable and durable.

Deka sports power battery has vibration resistance technology in order to secure it from the possible damages of quick starting the bike. In the list of powerful batteries, it is highly trusted by customers and provides a fair value of money. 

High cold cranking ampere ratings are of great significance while making battery purchase decisions, especially in extreme weather conditions. Your motorcycle ride is as good as the quality of the battery installed in it. By all facts and figures, our article has encapsulated all the best motorcycle batteries for you in terms of power and durability, and now choosing the best motorcycle battery is your call to make.


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