If there is one thing that you always notice on the streets, it is probably the roaring sound of a motorcycle.

That sound is annoying for pedestrians.

But for motorcycle lovers, that sound is the adrenaline rushing through their veins.

The motorcycle’s exhaust produces that loud noise you hear on the streets. The obnoxious noise of a stylish motorcycle indicates its performance and health.

Many motorcycle owners even try to make their bikes as loud as possible.

But how do they do that? Keep reading to find out.

Why do Motorcycle exhausts have to be loud?

Have you ever been aware of your heartbeat? You most probably have heard and felt your heart thumping loudly during a class test or when you see your crush. Your heartbeat is the evidence that you are alive.

A loud exhaust is evidence of a motorcycle being alive. Rotations per minute of the engine produce the sound. It tells us how good the bike’s health is.

Motorcycle exhausts also have to be loud because truck drivers or bus drivers don’t see small motorcycles on the road. The loudness is a safety feature as well. The banging noise of the bike is there to tell other drivers to be careful of the bike while taking a turn or overtaking.

The Loudest Exhausts of the Motorcycle

Here are the loudest exhausts for your motorcycle.

1.   TOCE exhausts

The TOCE exhausts are the loudest and legal exhausts you can find. While they are not pretty to look at, they are the best performing exhausts you can find in the market.

2.   Custom Exhausts

If you don’t like the exhausts of your bike, you can always get custom-made exhausts for your bike. Local and online stores can customize the bike exhausts for you.

How Loud is Too Loud for a Motorcycle?

We are sure you love it when your motorcycle swifts through the city with the loud noise. But we have bad news for you.

If your bike exhaust is a little too loud, you can get in trouble.

The legal range of decibels for the bike exhaust is from 100 to 105 DB in most states. If your bike exhaust gets louder than this, you might get arrested.

Make sure that your exhaust doesn’t make noise outside of this range. It is always better to be on the safe side.

What Type of Exhaust is the Loudest?

Straight pipe exhausts are the loudest ones in the market. Short straight pipes have a lot of air coming out with great force. That force creates the noise of the exhaust.

The straight pipe exhaust with no mufflers is also the loudest. The lack of sound-reducing mechanisms makes them so loud.

Which Bike has the Loudest Exhaust Sound?

Honda Six is the loudest bike you can find. It is stylish and loud. It has a speed of 160 mph and looks magnificent on race tracks.

Other than Honda bikes, Harley bikes sound loud and noisy too. The main feature of a Harley bike is the distinct sound it makes.

These bikes usually have straight pipes and no mufflers. Hence, the loud performing exhausts.

What Makes a Motorcycle Exhaust Loud?

There are a couple of factors that make the motorcycle exhaust so loud.

  • The motor engine is exposed to air as it has no encasing. Sound of pistons working endlessly simply escapes to the environment. With no barrier between the engine and air, the roaring noise of the motorcycle is what we hear.
  • Motorcycle mufflers are small and not as effective as car ones. This makes the bikes so loud.

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