Dirt bikes are a very common recreational bike used all over the US for recreational activities and excitement.

Dirt bikes come under the off-highway vehicles (OHV) category, so they legally may not be driven on public roads.

Dirt bikes and other OHV custom-designed for recreation are not allowed on the road, as they can be dangerous for regular vehicles and the public. However, they can be made street legal by abiding by all state laws related to legal dirt bikes.

Almost all states have prohibited dirt bikes for public roads and highways, but have designated tracks and parks where dirt bike lovers can fulfill their desire.

What are dirt bikes?

Dirt bikes are off-road vehicles that are designed apparently like street bikes but have many unique features.

Dirt bikes have a higher lift than standard bikes and are more robust to deal with all bounces and rough movements.

Dirt bikes are designed with stronger engines, more rigid frames, wheels, and high-impact shocks to absorb jumps and bounces. The tires used in the dirt bike are also different from the usual, with greater grip to ride along rough terrains.

Dirt bikes are available in many varieties with different engine capacities, gears, brake types, wheels, and other features.

Can you ride dirt bikes in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts is a US state with unique terrain, rolling hills, muddy and rocky paths, and coastal areas.

Massachusetts is one of the favorite places for dirt bike lovers and enthusiasts. You can find several trails and tracks that have been dedicated to dirt biking.

Riding dirt bikes on the roads of Massachusetts is prohibited by law, and a police officer can charge you a ticket if you are found using the public road on your dirt bike.

The state offers several mountainous, muddy, rocky, and beautiful trails to enjoy your dirt bike. The trails swirl along with forests, mountains, hills, and the coast, bestowing breathtaking views to the riders.

You can visit the official Massachusetts website for more details about the fantastic trails and tracks accessible in the state.

How old do you have to be to ride a dirt bike in Massachusetts?

Riding dirt bikes in Massachusetts is very common. Children as young as three years old can be seen driving dirt bikes.

But these dirt bikes must abide by the rules and regulations stated by the law for them to be legal on the road. These are bikes with smaller engines and designed with all necessary safety precautions for children.

For professional and other recreational dirt bikes, you must be at least sixteen and half years to be legally driving on public roads. Also, this is only possible if the dirt bike is driving lawfully on the road.

Children under sixteen and a half years old must drive the dirt bike under adult supervision only.

However, the age restriction can be ignored for riding on private lands, trails, and dirt bike parks.

What makes a dirt bike street legal in Massachusetts?

In order for you to ride your dirt bike on a public road without worrying about the police, you need to follow all the rules stated for legalizing the motorcycle.

For a bike to classify as a legal public road bike in Massachusetts, either buy a legalized bike, or you can convert your bike into one as well.

A regular dirt bike can be made legal by installing rear and side reflectors, which are usually integrated with the existing lights. The color of the back reflector must be red, while the amber color has been specified for the side reflector.

Other modifications that must be made to make the dirt bike legal include:

  • · Adding legal headlights,
  • · Brake lights,
  • · Rear lights,
  • · Turning indicators,
  • · Street legal tires,
  • · Odometer,
  • · Legal license plate,
  • · Street legal exhaust, and
  • · Horn.

Furthermore, the rider must get the bike registered through Massachusetts Environmental Police.

The rider must have a valid license if he uses the road for crossing purposes only.

Moreover, the lawful riders must have cleared the off-highway vehicle safety courses and must carry the certificate while using the bike.