It is not like you can not ride a bike if you are too short or tall.

You can ride a bike even if you are 5 feet or 6 feet plus, but it is recommended that you always adjust your motorcycle seat height according to your own height to avoid any sort of difficulty whilst driving.

A motorcycle’s seat’s height is 31.6 inches tall on average, with the shortest being 27 inches and the tallest being 38.5 inches.

But for a person 5’8 a 34 to 38 inch seat is ideal.

To confirm your measurements, you can always measure your inseam to your foot.

Since your seat is directly connected to your inseam, it’s necessary that your bike is balanced.

Leaving all measurements behind, a motorcycle can actually be a very convenient vehicle because of the many advantages that come along with it.

First, a bike is always easy to park as compared to a car as its size is smaller. This way you can also get out of parking tickets.

Second, a motorcycle is also comparatively cheaper to purchase as compared to other bigger vehicles like a car or jeep, etc.

It’s cheap to purchase, to maintain, to recharge with fuel, and its insurance is also cheaper.

So young graduates may find a motorcycle as the ideal vehicle to purchase.

With a motorcycle, you can easily get out of traffic and reach your destination as soon as possible.

Not only this but, riding a motorcycle always gives a terrific feeling as the wind gushes around you.

However, it is always as difficult as it is important to choose the right motorcycle according to your ease and height.

But do not worry, because all the solutions to the difficulties of buying a motorcycle are right here!

What makes a motorcycle comfortable?

Your motorcycle can only be comfortable if it is according to your measurements.

You have to first make sure that your feet can touch the floor and your arms can touch the handles easily.

Or else you will just be driving uncomfortably and will have backache.

If you have back issues, buy a motorcycle that comes with a built-in backrest installed by your mechanic.

If not that, then get a backrest that can be installed whenever required.

Last, ensure that your motorcycle’s seat is up to your preference and comfortability because on long road trips, it can get difficult to sit and drive for long.

Comfortable motorcycles

  1. Honda Gold Wing: meant for open road and luxury.
  2. BMW K 1600 GTL: luxurious with the ideal backrest.
  3. KTM 1290 Super Adventure: for rugged surfaces and camping purposes.
  4. Yamaha FJR1300A: best for tall riders with thermal comforts.
  5. BMW R 1250 GS: for adventurous trips.

The ideal material for motorcycle seats.

To decide the material for your motorcycle, you should know the purpose of buying your vehicle.

If you travel a lot and plan on using your motorcycle for road trips, then it is recommended that your seat should be lined with gel internally.

Gel can allow you to sit easily and ride your motorcycle for long periods of time. It provides you with support and it relieves the pressure and vibration.

However, gel pads do also hold in a lot of heat, so it is not exactly ideal for summers. And gel seats are also costly.

Moving on, soft foams are also an option for internal lining of motorcycle seats for those who plan on going for brief trips for everyday use.

It is also water resistant and budget friendly. Always keep in mind that foam adjusts according to your weight.

However, seats made up of foam are not so comfortable for long journeys and can get stiff if sat on for long.

It should be noted that your seats should not be too soft as you will sink into it and there will be less visibility on the road.

Seats should also not be too hard as it reduces comfortability and it can hurt your back.

The ideal motorcycle seat is firm, so do not forget that while purchasing this vehicle.

For external coverage, you have two options; Leather and vinyl.

Leather is quite expensive but it can also bear any weather condition.

It also has excellent water and fire-resisting qualities and if you want your motorcycle to look fancy, then leather is the perfect fit for you.

Vinyl is not as durable as leather in the sun or tough weather and gets soft over time.

But it is much cheaper in comparison, so it is perfect for a budget friendly motorcycle.

How to know if a motorcycle is perfect for you?

First, sit on the motorcycle to see if it is right for you.

Second step is to move left and right to see if it can balance your weight well because that is one of the most important things required while riding a motorcycle.

If it is not as adjustable and can not balance, then immediately test out another motorcycle.

Last step is to check if your feet touch the paddle and whether your hand can easily reach out to the controls or not.

If not, the motorcycle will be uncomfortable for you and can heavily strain your muscles; this will cause excess body pain whilst driving.