Motorcycles are known as very convenient vehicles because of the many advantages that come with them.

The first, and most obvious one, is the ease of avoiding traffic; since a motorcycle is a smaller vehicle compared to cars, there is a greater chance of quickly beating the traffic and arriving at your desired destination.

Moving on, because of their small size, you will not have to pay for fuel as much as with cars, jeeps, and other vehicles.

Not only this, but you can easily find parking anywhere for this small, powerful vehicle.

And let’s not forget that the feeling of riding a motorcycle is exhilarating!

But you can only get that feeling if your motorcycle is comfortable enough to ride, which comes with purchasing the best and most comfortable seat according to your height.

The average height for a motorcycle is 31.6 inches, the lowest being 27 inches and the tallest being 38.5 inches.

But what is the best motorcycle seat height for someone 5’5? Let’s find out!

What seat height is good for 5’5?

Anything over 30 inches may be uncomfortable for you, but it mainly depends on your preference and what makes you feel at ease.

Keep in mind that your inseam length is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a motorcycle seat.

It is preferable that you purchase a shorter bike, especially if it is your first time, as it boosts confidence if you are 5’5 and your speed will automatically be faster.

However, if you are already an expert at riding motorcycles, you can try tall motorcycles with the right seat!

Why is a motorcycle seat’s height important?

Since the seat is directly connected to your inseam and that ensures your balance on both sides of the motorcycle, your feet will touch the ground easily.

However, if you are 5’5 or shorter, then wearing boots or having appropriate foot protection can be helpful as well.

But why is it important to choose the right seat?

If your seat is uncomfortable to sit on, you may have a bad posture and you will end up driving in a lot of pain.

This can be difficult for long motorcycle trips.

An uncomfortable seat can easily lead to accidents and, if not, a back injury, which is equally unsafe.

Why is your motorcycle seat uncomfortable?

First, your motorcycle seat must have a comfortable seat cover.

Obviously, the higher you pay, the better the seat cover you get.

For extra comfort, you can ask for a gel lining in your motorcycle seat, which helps to relieve any kind of pressure.

Second, every motorcycle’s seat is different and the feel of it varies according to your body’s structure.

So, if you plan on going on long trips on your motorcycle, you should definitely ensure that the saddle fits you just fine for maximum comfortability.

Third, you should also consider the type of attire you would wear on your ride.

Always make sure that your pants are comfortable enough (preferably a soft material) to ride your motorcycle.

Your attire should also be appropriate according to the weather where you live because it can get quite breezy on any kind of bike ride!

What makes a motorcycle seat comfortable?

The seat foam is a necessity for the motorcycle seat according to the size of the motorcycle and if it is not according to your requirements, it is best that you get your seat changed.

You should make sure that the seat is comfortable and supportive but NOT soft.

If the seat is soft, you will sink into the seat and will not have a clear vision of the road.

It can also give you a terrible backache and very little support whilst driving.

But, do not get a hard seat either! It can hurt your back equally.

This can confuse, but the solution is to get a firm seat.

And if you have back ache issues regardless, it is best for you you get back support that is built into the seat or can be attached whenever you want.

The perfect fabric for motorcycle seats

There are two mainstream fabrics; leather and vinyl.

Leather is a look good, feel good type of seat that requires a lot of care.

There is also a lesser chance that it survives in rainy weather. However, stingray leather has the best water and fire-resisting qualities, so it is good to consider.

But leather can be expensive.

Vinyl is comparatively cheaper and can get softer over time, whereas leather can get harder with time. But do not forget, hard and soft seats both are equally bad.

Though vinyl seats can function in all weather and do not require as much maintenance as compared to leather.

The perfect motorcycles for women 5’5.

The ideal seat height for women can vary from 25 to 30 inches. And an excellent investment in a low CC bike would be perfect as it gives stability.

Such bikes are listed below.

  • Honda CB 300 R with 286 CC and a 31.5 inches seat.
  • Kawasaki Versys X 300 with 296 CC and a 32.1 inches seat.
  • Yamaha YZF-R3 with 321 CC and a 30.7 inches seat.