Motorcycles are unique vehicles because of their diversity and look. Especially because of the many advantages that come along with them.

A motorcycle can firstly be cheap to run; to buy, maintain, and refill the petrol in the vehicle.

Not only do the prices and the fuel make a motorcycle cheap, but its insurance is also quite low, making it a cost-effective vehicle for those on a budget.

Motorcycles are also easy to park as they occupy less space.

This can also get you out of many parking fees and save up on time while finding a parking spot when you are running late.

However, when you are a motorcycle owner, it is necessary that the seat is according to your height, or else any kind of injury is most likely to take place.

How can you make your motorcycle seat comfortable?

First, if you have health issues and get a backache easily, then invest in a motorcycle that has a backrest installed by your mechanic as soon as possible.

These backrests provide a significant level of support and comfort.

If that is too difficult for you, you can also get a backrest that can be added to your bike whenever required as well.

Your seat must have a good amount of foam, making your seat firm and supportive.

Always keep in mind that a hard seat on a motorcycle is always uncomfortable and can hurt your back as well.

Whereas, a soft seat can also just make you sink into the seat, giving you less visibility of the road.

Therefore, having a firm seat is the best solution to avoid any mishaps.

Make sure that your seat has been made and adjusted according to your requirements.

What motorcycle seat height is best for people 5’1?

Experts suggest that those 5 feet or slightly above should have a motorcycle seat that is between 25 to 32 inches with a narrow gasoline tank.

Best motorcycles for 5’1:

For those of you who have a strong passion for riding fierce bikes without wanting to swap parts just because of their height, these bikes listed below are perfect for you!

  1. Honda Rebel 500 has a seat height of 27.2 inches. This bike is perfect for beginners, is versatile, and comes in various colors. It is also one of the most affordable bikes for those 5’1.
  2. Ducati Monster 1200 comes with a seat height of 31.3 inches. The Monster is on the pricey side, but it is perfect to flaunt on the track and the road. Its horsepower is also outstanding!
  3. Kawasaki Versys X 300 comes along with a seat with a height of 32.1 inches. It is perfect if you want to take it while camping or on any other adventure because it has a built-in luggage storage facility. Last, it is also meant to tolerate rugged conditions.
  4. Indian Scout Bobber has a seat height of 25.5 inches. Its exhaust is known as the deadly double and this motorcycle has minimalist curves too.
  5. Triumph Street Scrambler has a seat height of 31.1 inches. A classic motorcycle for racers with a 900 CC engine. It is perfect for tourists and those who just want to take a quick stroll around the block.

The perfect material for motorcycle seats

The first step to having a comfortable seat is deciding the purpose of having your motorcycle.

If you plan on going on long trips, then ensure that your seat contains gel as it fits according to your body type and supports you throughout your long journey.

If you are using your motorcycle for traveling, make sure that it comes with built-in luggage.

Moving on, if you are planning to use your motorcycle for everyday purposes on the road, then your seat should have foam that provides support and comfort for short distances.

For a long road trip, the foam may not be as comfortable as sitting on for long.

For the external covering of the motorcycle, you have two options; leather and vinyl.

Vinyl is for short distances and is comfortable. However, it is not durable if kept out for long.

Leather is usually made for those going on road trips often, as the fabric can survive any weather, especially if exposed to sunlight.

How to choose a motorcycle that’s perfect for you

The first step is to always sit on the motorcycle to see if it is comfortable enough for you.

Second, check if the seat and the motorcycle itself can balance your weight.

You can check that by moving from left to right on the seat.

If it does not seem to be comfortable to switch from left to right, then it is not the bike for you.

Finally, make sure that you can easily have access to the controls. That includes the handles and paddles.

If you have to twist and turn and just result in having an uneasy, painful position for your bike, then move on to test another bike.

Signs your motorcycle is not the right fit:

  1. Your back hurts every time you drive.
  2. Your feet do not touch the ground.
  3. You have difficulty reaching out to the hand and foot controls of the bike.
  4. You are on your tip toes whilst standing.