Seat height is a very important aspect to consider when picking up a motorcycle, especially for beginners.

For someone as tall as 5’9, a seat height of around 30 inches should be good.

The right seat height will ensure that your ride remains comfortable and you can enjoy your experience fully.

Finding the Right Motorcycle Type for You

Every motorcycle enthusiast has something perfect for themselves in their mind.

The definition of perfect is different for each one, so in order to give you an idea about the motorcycles, let’s have a deeper look at them!

Here we break down different motorcycles to give you enough information and have an opinion about what style will work the best for you.

–          Standard: These are very simple, and as the name suggests, ‘standard’ mix of visual appeal and function.

They are not designed with any focus and do everything on the streets.

Standards have different engine sizes and motorcycle sizes as well, so you must find something that fits well for you.

–          Touring: These motorcycles are the definition of comfort for motorcycles.

They are designed in a way to be made suitable for an extended period, and are among the heavier ones in the choices available.

It differs slightly for each brand that offers lesser comfort and replaces it with sports styling.

–          Cruisers: These usually have low seat heights.

A cruiser is therefore considered the more comfortable option for new riders.

It is available in multiple designs, from basic to intricate ones, all of them.

–          Sport bikes: These bikes allow high lean angles in their corners and be aerodynamic.

Shorter riders can be found on the tips of their toes to reach the ground on these bikes.

–          Dual sport: These motorcycles can do it all.

You can take them to cruise across the countryside, ride on the highway, test it in dirt and what not.

If you are looking for one style and type of bike that can be used throughout the year, a dual sport is what you are looking for.

Height of the seat is slightly taller, making it suitable for taller people. This is because of its off-road clearance, so make sure you consider the size.

There are a few things to note when generalizing the style of a bike as it related to its fit:

–          The size of the engine is not always equal to the motorcycle’s capability.

A standard bike of 600cc may have 50% power of a 600cc sports motorcycle engine.

You should make sure that you define the motorcycle you are looking for and let it guide you further.

In case your plan is to commute and ride on weekends, it makes little sense to get something with a larger engine if not essential.

–          Let your experience guide you to your choice.

If you are a beginner in motorcycling, pick a bike that is suited to your needs and what can be handled by you.

A touring motorcycle may be heavier for you than what you can handle.

Meanwhile, a small standard may not be enough for you if you are big.

How to Pick a Motorcycle that Fits You

You can check if the motorcycle you are looking for is the right size for you or not. Try following the ways to do so, as mentioned below.

1.            See the bike in person: If you are purchasing a used bike, or a new one from a dealer—you must sit on the motorcycle and scrutinize it for yourself.

2.            Check it for Weight Distribution: Sit on the bike and lean from side to side, make forward and backward movements.

This way you can have a general feel about how the motorcycle feels for you.

If these motions feel very difficult or unnatural for you, it is not a good sign.

Instead, it signifies that this motorcycle is not a good size for you.

3.            Measure the distance from your seat to the motorcycle controls: ensure that you can easily reach your foot and hand controls while sitting on the seat.

Your motorcycle is not a good size for you if you have to stretch or twist to reach out to it.

If you cannot test the motorcycle in person or if you are doing some casual stuff while shopping online, you need not worry.

The information available online can be used besides your own measurements to find the right size for your bike.

–          Published seat height measurements: Every manufacturer’s site has this information available when looking at the motorcycle, usually under the section of specs, and is a marvellous way to compare different motorcycle types.

It is pretty easy and you can simply check the height of your seat against the inseam to identify a rough estimate of if the motorcycle will be a good fit for you as you stand.

–          Use online tools: You can try a nifty motorcycle ergonomic stimulator that can be tried before you head out to the dealership.

You can simply enter your height and inseam, and the bike you choose to check if it is comfortable for you or not.