Are you short? Do you love Harley-Davidson Street Glide? Are you worried that it would be difficult for you to ride your Street Glide at such a short height?

Well, that’s not a problem anymore. You can choose a seat that suits your height and ride a bike as everybody else does.

There are many things that require our consideration when it comes to choosing a seat.

For example; the seat’s dimensions, backrest, and the quality of the material it is made from.

You are at the right place as, in this article, you will find the best Street Glide seats for short riders.

Following are some best seats for short riders. Continue reading:

Mustang 79006 Super Touring Seat

Mustang has its name in the market for motorcycle seats. It has produced very good and comfortable seats for almost all renowned motorcycle brands.

Mustang seats have special air cell technology which makes them ideal for various purposes such as transportation, touring, and industrial usage.

The handcrafted Mustang seats are unique in style, comfort, and quality.

The Mustang 79006 seat is made in the USA. It is made from vinyl, a water-resistant material. In Mustang 79006, the front seat sets the rider back 1.75 inches compared to the stock.

It also sets the rider’s body at such an angle that provides him comfort for long distances.

The rear seat gives support across its full width and keeps the rider in the comfort zone. The seat is lower than a stock seat, which helps short people to put their feet on the ground and climb the bike easily.

The backrest is removable and adjustable with its receiver placed into the seat’s baseplate.

Its front width is 19 inches and its rear width is 14 inches. It weighs 16.90 lbs. The seat features exquisite stitching and a front bucket drain for rainy days. It comes with a warranty of one year.

It also does not take long to install it on the Street Glide, as the optional headrest and armrest slide in place. The price is nearly 660 US dollars.


The XMT-Moto is a great bike seat if you want a premium quality seat in an affordable price range. It is made from synthetic leather and foam internally placed over iron with a PP plastic frame, increasing its durability.

The XMT-Moto is a very high-performance seat, and its components can be installed easily.

You can install it yourself at home. The seat is good for long trips, it provides comfort and does not cause any irritation for long durations.

Custom Seats

Custom seats help in upgrading the motorcycle and make it appear sleeker. You can customize your bike according to your taste.

It is better to get a heel-down seat as it is very good for short riders. You can get your custom seat designed as per your requirements.


1. How do I lower my Street Glide?

The best way to lower your Street Glide is to lower the shock absorbers and the springs. Don’t use the lowering links.

Lowering the Street Glide will affect the performance of the motorcycle and will take away the enjoyment of the rider.

2. How tall should you be to ride a Street Glide?

You should have a minimum inseam of 27 inches because the height of the unladen seat of Street Glide is nearly 26 inches.

3. What is a reach seat?

The reach seat is designed to position riders with a short inseam closer to the ground. It is a comfortable seat allowing the rider easy access to the hand and foot controls.

It features a stepped profile that prevents the rider from falling back while gaining acceleration and gives back support. It also brings the legs about 1 inch closer.

6. What is the lowest Harley Davidson seat height?

The Harley-Davidson Softail Slim has the lowest seat height at 23.8 inches.

It was released in 2012 and was very popular among women because of its low seat height.


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