When it comes to motor bikes there is a single brand, which comes to your mind right away without any doubt, the Harley Davidson motor bikes. The Harley Davidson is one of the best motor bike manufacturing brand, with respect to both the appearance and the installment of new technology. The advanced technology along with the radiant design of the motor bikes gives a completely new vibe to the automobile. This is the reason why the Harley Davidson motor bikes tend to stand out among the vast number of automobile brands and is widely popular among the riders.

Although there is a large collection of motor bike series each carrying its own charm and selling points, but the one thing you will find common in all of these motor bikes is the alluring design and the class maintained throughout various series of motor bikes. However, one of the best known motor bikes of Harley Davidson is the Fat Boy model. The Harley Davidson Fat Boy is famous for its heavy body and the hard elongated tail which act as prominent feature for the series. The shiny exterior with the powder coated framework allows the design of the motor bike to appear much more rugged and hot as a shotgun.

The best years of Harley Fat Boy :

Among the long list of the best motor bikes of all times, there were various Harley Davidson motor bikes and one of them appears to be the 1990 Harley Davidson Fat Boy. The extraordinary eye catching features of this motor bike created a commotion among the riders as soon as it arrived in the market.  

Within a short period of time the Harley Davidson Fat Boy became the most purchased and popular motor bike among the customers, as its demand continued to increase with the passing time. Although the Fat Boy motor bike model was first introduced in the 1990, but the increase in demand stimulated the manufacturers to develop new models with similar defining features to meet the standards of their customers.

Therefore, with the progress of time the Harley Davidson Fat Boy model was renewed and evolved to achieve the best model that was up to the standards of the public. Nevertheless, without any doubt the best years of Harley Davidson Fat Boy was from 2002 to 2005. The Harley Davidson Fat Boy motor bike was at its high point during these years and the evidence to this statement is the fact that the market demand was so high that as soon as the new batch of this motor bike would reach the stores, it would be empty in the time period of a mere week.

 Not only did the riders but also the professionals would recommend their friends and followers to go and purchase the Harley Davidson Fat Boy motor bikes. The Fat Boy motor bike reached its prime, as you would only hear the heavy roar of its suspension system. The advanced features of the motor bike attracted more audience through TV commercials and on road stunts as riders would feel a sense of joy trying to show off their brand new motor bike.

Here are some sharp models of the Harley Davidson Fat Boy motor bike, which you will find in the market and will immediately catch your attention as you see one of these motor bikes roaring on the road as they take a turn or flash before your eyes on their full speed generated from the powerful engine.

Features of Harley Davidson Fat Boy :

The extraordinary features of the Harley Davidson Fat Boy motor bike that caught the eye of every person were not merely appearance based; the motor bike actually embodied the saying of perfection both on the outside as well as on the inside. Though there is an extensive list of properties, the Harley Davidson Fat Boy motor bike is popular for but here are some of the prominent features, which owe to be mentioned for our readers.

16 inch disc wheels :

There are a lot of things which acted as a catalyst for the designers to derive the idea of Harley Davidson Fat Boy but the manufacturers gave the credit to original concept of Canadian motor bikes. According to the designers, they had to create many versions of the current motor bike such as Low Boy to be able to reach the pinnacle form known as the Fat Boy.

The astonishing fact about this design is the 16 inch disc wheel, which is not only manufactured using the best material but is also shaped. It is built in such a way that the valance fender makes sure to deflect any sort of debris or water that might have gotten on to the tires as your cruise around the highway or any sort of trail, while maintaining the shiny look.

Exhaust muffler pipes :

Another noticeable feature of the Harley Davidson Fat Boy is the soft tail look that actually creates the complete essence of the motor bike along with the burning hot exhaust muffler pipes. This creates the body shape that allows the rider to have a spacious seat where they can not only carry a passenger but also a large loading capacity.

The hot powerful engine is capable of carrying the motor bike to new heights as well as pressurizing the air through the exhaust muffler pipes in such a way that it creates the loud roar of the Harley Davidson Fat Boy, which turns around every head as the rider cruises around the downtown roads or the highway.

Aluminium coated body :

The manufacturers ensured that the best of the best materials are being utilized for the manufacturing of the Harley Davidson Fat Boy motor bikes. To achieve the glamorous look that would go along with the amazing design of the Harley Davidson Fat Boy, aluminium coating is used to implant the glossy appearance.

Such material is further coated with paints that prevent any rusting and contributes to the extended period of maintained exterior, which appears to be as fresh as a brand new motor bike. Thus providing their customers a prolonged time period of guarantee where both the manufacturers as well as the buyer are happy with the appearance and the performance of the product.

Impact of Harley Fat Boy on the market :

You will be surprised to find out that not only the Harley Davidson Fat Boy motor bike model are still sold on a solid basis but it also acted as a whole new trend setter for the automobile manufacturing companies. Harley Davidson never truly gave up on the Fat Boy model and continued to derive and level up the game to satisfy their customers.

It was not late enough when Harley Davidson decided to start a completely new motor bike series by drawing ideas from the Harley Davidson Fat Boy motor bike mode. Nevertheless, sadly not a single motor bike series in the whole industry was able to beat the fame of Harley Davidson Fat Boy.

Therefore, Harley Davidson later decided to use the idea of 16 inch wheels on their other renowned Harley Davidson trucks. These trucks soon became the center of attention in the automobile world and captivated people to purchase them for the fascinating appearance as well as the smooth performance of the engine.

There are numerous other examples that you will find in the industry each having its own reasons to consider Harley Davidson Fat Boy as a model for them. The impact and fame that Harley Davidson Fat Boy motor bikes bought to this motor bike brand is unmatched up till now in the history. In addition, it is believed that the minds of the designers are the real deal behind such mesmerizing creation that tend to create an ever lasting impression on the market.

 You will still find various influencers and professional riders describing the Harley Davidson Fat Boy motor bikes to be the best uprising for the Harley Davidsons and an amazing pace setter people still look up to for motivation and as an ideal ride.

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With the astonishing features along with the sleek appearance of the Harley Davidson Fat Boy motor bike of the 2002 and 2005 models, you will still find their demand in the public and notice how the professional riders worship these models. It is not just the name of the brand, it is the class of the brand maintained by this glorious motor bike models.

If you are a true motor bike rider at your heart, then you might actually have these motor bike models standing in your garage by now. We hope that we were able to provide you with all the essential information regarding the Harley Davidson Fat Boy motor bikes. After reading this article, you will be well aware about the importance of these motor bikes in the industry and will be easily able to identify them cruising on the road.


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