Have you ever heard a cracking sound that’s coming out from your bike? Well, you may have if you own a Harley Davidson bike. It is because these bikes often exhibit this behavior.

The sound is more similar to a gunshot or someone coughing extremely loud. But either way, it indicates that the bike needs your immediate attention!

If you’ve encountered a similar experience, you must know that this behavior of a bike is called backfiring.

When buying a Harley Davidson bike, the riders always think twice because of this reason. It mainly happens because these are fuel-injected motorcycles and any air leakage can cause it to backfire.

If you’re a rider obsessed with durable motorcycles or dirt bikes, you should simply get a Harley Davidson bike without any second thoughts. It is because these motorcycles can become your long-lasting companions.

Since they are fuel-injected motorcycles, you’ll be able to skip the hassles of mechanical processes. The electronic system alone can process fuel efficiently. Further, its unique design and eye-catching style attract the heart of every rider.

But the problem comes when it starts spitting fuel and backfiring. In this case, you should make sure to get it checked by a mechanic before it’s too late!

Now let’s address some queries to understand this problem clearly:

1.   Why does my fuel-injected Harley backfire?

The main reason for which a Harley Davidson bike starts backfiring is an explosion or air leakage. When there is a leakage, the intake system of air gets disturbed, and possibly, the engine starts receiving extra air.

This imbalance can cause an explosion or backfire in Harley Davidson bikes. It can also happen when you forget to close the intake valve of air. The excess air causes the backfire. You can probably relate this case with the phrase ‘excess of everything is bad’.

2.   Does backfire damage the motorcycle engine?

Explosions and Backfiring can never protect your motorcycle from damage. More or less, it damages the engine.

Some conditions make it inherently bad such as power loss, deficiency of fuel required for the proper working of a bike, and even when the air-fuel mixture gets disturbed. 

3.   How do you fix a motorcycle backfire?

Backfiring can ultimately cause your bike to stop accelerating. But, just like everything has a backup solution, you can fix this one as well.

Check and clean the carburetor first and identify the part that is causing the problem. It is essential to check all the parts so that fuel can flow through them properly.

For this fixing, a high-grade carburetor can play the best part because it eliminates all the dust, leaving no debris behind.

4.   What causes a motorcycle to backfire on deceleration?

When unburnt fuel is detonated in the exhaust pipe, it can cause deceleration popping. Usually, it happens when there is excess air passing through the pipe. It can cause exhaustion in the temperature, hence leading towards overheating.

As a result, burning fuel increases the chances of a motorcycle backfiring on deceleration.  


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