Are you tired of your old Harley 103 and 107? If yes, it is the right time to level up the power game. Therefore, opting for Harley 117 or 124 can be the best decision.

Needless to say, Harley has never disappointed us with its updates. Harley 117 and 124 are also two of the best motors in Harley’s production. The motor itself is very versatile and a perfect fit for most riders.

Let’s jump into what actually makes Harley 117 and Harley 124 different from each other?

We figure out:

Harley 117

Harley 117 is yet the largest motor in a Street Glide that matches the displacement of the CVO edition.

The 117 motor provides the rider with some supplementary acceleration, pumping out 127ft-lbs of torque at 3750 rpm. With four heads, dual spark plugs, high-performance single cam, precision cooled, and countered balance, Harley 117 is providing us with all the great engine benefits. 

More features of 117 include

  •  The exposed element of a heavy breather air filter
  • A performance-oriented exhaust.

If you are looking to update your Harley motor to 117, you need to buy a kit. This kit includes two 4.125 cylinders bored, a new set of pistons, pins, clips, rings, and head and base gaskets. It will approximately charge you $2295.

Harley 124

The Harley 124 is the motor designed for top-level power that specifically emphasizes maximum torque. These are specifically designed for competitions and racing vehicles only. It’s unsafe on public roads and highways.

Some features of 124 motors include:

  • Single cam 124 cubic engine
  • Bolt-in replacements for stock Engines
  • Long piston stroke
  • High-performance gear-driven cams, as a result, great horsepower
  • Electric compression release.

In order to update your Harley motor to 124, all you need is a set of flywheels and you are good to go. It will cost you somewhere near $1400. 

A Quick Overview: 117 vs. 124

Let’s just quickly review some major differences between 117 and 124 motors.

Power106 Hp at 4750 rpm160 Hp
Torque127 ft-lbs at 3750 rpm184 ft-lbs
UsageSuitable for public roads, highways, and touring motorcycles.Suitable for competitions and racing motorcycles

In order to get the motor of your dreams, there are a few decisions that you need to make carefully. It’s not just about putting the cheapest parts together, and you are good to go. It takes a lot of careful planning and the accurate choice of parts to get what you want.

So whether it’s 117 or 124, do some good research, ask professionals and then do anything. Here are some more queries that you might need to know about Harley Engines:

What Is The Most Powerful Harley Engine?

The most powerful Harley engine is “Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle 131”, which boasts 121bhp and 131 ft-lbs of torques.

In addition, this powerful engine includes high-lift cams, high-performance cam bearing, 5.5g/sec fuel injector, high-compression forged piston, and high-performance tappets.

What Harley Has the Most Horsepower?

Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide has the most horsepower. This 117-motor is the most powerful V-twin the Harley has ever made. It is only limited to CVO motorcycles. It can reach up to the peak of 106 hp and 127 ft-lbs of torque with just a few legal tweaks.


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