Harley Davidson is the leading name in the history of motorcycle manufacturing. It is recognized as a golden star of all motorcycle brands.

When it comes to customization of vehicles, bikers go crazy over Harley’s products, as they know that the soul of a rider lies in his motorcycle

One of Harley’s most argued ranges is the Ultra series. It was designed under the category of touring range, which is still as popular today as it was back then.

If you are confused between Ultra Classic and Ultra Limited too, don’t worry. Here comes the perfect solution!

Let’s begin!

What Is Ultra Classic?

Ultra Classic is a touring bike designed by Harley Davidson in 2017. It is one of the top-rated models in their category.

Ultra Classic goes by their full name as Electra Glide Ultra Classic Low.

It is an ergonomically designed bike to meet all the demands of a long trip with a highly durable engine, adjustable suspension brakes, and storage capacity.

What Is Ultra Limited?

Another bike in the touring range of Harley is Ultra Limited also known as Ultra Limited Low.

It has all the features of a premium ride that is ideal for long mile drives.

Comparison Between Ultra Classic and Ultra Limited

When it comes to Harley, there are no comparisons. It is very hard to choose between these two.

But let’s see how these two motorcycles differ from each other.

Engine and Power Output

Both of these motorcycles are well equipped with the standard air cooling High output Twin Cam 103 V-Twin engine.

The only slightest difference lies in the power output of these two engines. Ultra Classic has a 104.7Ib-ft of torque output at 3250 rpm. On the other hand, Ultra Limited makes 105.5 Lb-ft of torque at 3750 rpm.

Sometimes, upon customization, Ultra Classic Low can also come with an integrated oil cooler system too.


Both of the motorcycle models have a great supporting framework. They have stable front forks with the least weights that make the ride super light.

However when it comes to color options, Ultra Classic has more diversity and a range of color palettes for you to select.

Ultra Limited has a more sophisticated look to suit its premium build so it comes in decent colors such as black, grey, blue, or mustard.


Ultra Classic has a wireless and upgraded ABS security system that is installed by the factory itself. It is self-sealing so you know that your motorcycle is safe at all costs. All thanks to the wireless keyfob!

Ultra Limited also has the same features. The only difference is its automatic activating and deactivating feature that only needs the remote to be close to the bike to function.

Price Range

The Ultra Range of Harley Davidson lies in the same range with a difference of $2000 to $3000 in prices.

The Ultra Classic Low comes around $24,699 whereas the Ultra Limited starts from $ 27,299 MSRP.


What is the difference between Ultra Classic and Electra Glide Classic?

Both are the same models in the touring range of Harley Davidsons motorcycles. The only difference lies in their power outputs.

What is the difference between Ultra Limited Low and Ultra Limited?

Both of them come with equal features but the extra seat of Ultra Limited Low comes with a little additional charge.

What is the difference between Ultra Classic and a classic?

A classic has a radio with two speakers. It is a CD and Mp3 controlled radio. Ultra Classic has all the mentioned features as well as an intercom.

Is Ultra Classic a good bike?

Ultra Classic is a comfortable motorcycle that is easy to ride and has exceptional speed. It is perfect for a long drive.



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