Getting louder pipes on your vehicles is common nowadays. That growl and rumble while you drive through the traffic! How cool it sounds.

Loud sound gives thrill and attention to some, while others want to increase the performance of their bikes and feel more sporty by going louder.

Harley Davidson Sportster is known for its soul-satisfying rumble and powerful engine.

Riders who love to have louder sounds often modify their bikes with different exhaust pipes.

People often get confused when getting the loudest pipe for a Harley Sportster 1200.

This article caters to all those individuals to get their hands on the loudest pipe for Harley Sportster 1200.

Top 3 Loudest Exhaust Pipes for Harley Sportster 1200

Vance and Hines

Vance and Hines exhaust pipes are on the top for growling sound. It is likely that Harley fans are familiar with the popularity of their pipes.

They manufacture the best exhaust in the market and are loved by Harley enthusiasts.

Every design has its unique sound profile and performance. Their bigshot, longs, short shots are loudest and have the deepest sound.

The straight shot pipes lack thump at idle, but overall they also sound good.

Your bike sounds very loud when you install Vance and Hines pipe without the standard baffle that comes with them.

These pipes are much easier to install than many other pipes that you will find in the market.

Along with a heavy rumble, Vance and Hines exhaust pipes set off your bike with their outstanding design and finish.

Last but not least, these pipes are Harley Davidson approved.


SharkRoad exhaust pipes are the loudest pipes for Harley Sportster 1200.

They give a high rumble without sacrificing the performance. Let’s have a look at features of these exhaust pipes:


  • These pipes have a special 3 step design and are non-baffled, which means louder sound. It looks more like a mini grenade.
  • They are kind of high flow short drag pipes.
  • No matter where you are headed, these pipes will make your bike’s presence everywhere.

Thunder Sound:

The stepped structure of the muffler contributes to the thunder, aggressive, and loud voice.

Not to forget performing regular and correct tuning to maintain the exhaust pipe of your bike.

Screaming Eagle

Which Pipes are More Louder: Short or Long Pipes?

Shorter pipes are louder as they give a little more power. Whereas, long pipes are quieter and do not give a growling sound.


What are the loudest pipes for a Harley-Davidson?

Vance and Hines are the loudest and most loved exhaust pipes for Harley Davidson enthusiasts. They are the most popular pipes for growling and rumbling sound

What is the loudest motorcycle exhaust?

Short shots and straight pipes are the loudest exhaust for motorcycles. When these pipes are installed without baffles, they give a much louder sound.

How do I make my Harley-Davidson pipes louder?

Follow these steps to make your pipes louder:

  • Tune the engine for maintenance and improve its performance.
  • Drill holes in baffles or remove them. This will increase airflow inside the pipes.
  • Swapping out by attaching slip-on mufflers.

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