Harley-Davidson motorcycle is the dream bike of every rider. 

It’s not only the appearance of the Harley bikes that makes them unique. The powerful engine and durable frame are the real reason these bikes are so famous.

But there is one thing that irritates riders.

The names of the bikes are often boring. The company chooses these names.

That is why many riders name their Harley bikes something edgy and cool.

If you want to name your Harley bike but have been feeling confused, don’t worry.

We are here to help you out.

Here is how you can choose the best name for your Harley.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Name for Your Harley

Before we discuss names for a Harley, there are some tips you should keep in mind.

  1. Stay away from common names such as thunderbolt or ghost rider.
  2. Choose a name that matches the personality of the bike. A black Harley bike deserves to be called black panther.
  3. Select a short name that is easy to pronounce.
  4. A lot of riders refer to their bikes with female pronouns. But female names for Harley bikes are frowned upon. Don’t pick a feminine name for your bike unless you are a woman.

5 Best Names for Harley Bikes

Here we have compiled five unique and stylish names for Harley. These names are creative and perfect for your bike.

1.     Venom

Inspired by the movie “Venom”, this name radiates power and authority. Not only is this name sexy, but also quite authentic. You won’t find a bike named venom anywhere.

2.     Black Panther

Black panther is an illustrious name for Harley Davidson Road Glide bikes. The name isn’t short, but it is excellent.

3.     Quicksilver

If you are a fan of X-Men, you will recognize this name. Quicksilver is an ideal name for fast racer motorcycles.

4.     Batmobile

Yes, we know this isn’t an original name. But were you ever inspired by the Batman movies as a kid?

If the answer is yes, this is the name for your Harley bikes.

5.     Name of Your Childhood Pet

You read that right. The best choice is to choose the name of your childhood pet as the name of your motorcycle. This is a sweet gesture to remember your pet. 

What Do People Name Their Harleys?

Many people call their Harley bikes “Hogs”. The name was derived from the racing history of these bikes. You can also use such a sweet name for your Harley.


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