Naming anything on your own is the reflection of your mentality. Sometimes, the name which you choose is something special to your heart or at times, it also describes the personality of the person.

When it comes to naming your motorcycle, it may depend on the rider’s personality or motorcycle’s.

Naming your motorcycle can be very difficult yet interesting too. Several people will think it’s just a silly thing but some people will also find it very interesting.

An individual name his motorcycle just to make it different but ultimately, this thing is going to increase your love and affection for your motorcycle.

What are some good names for a motorcycle?

There are numerous names for motorcycles. But everyone has their taste so they opt for whatever they like.

There are a lot of things to consider before naming your motorcycle like its color, size, and model.

Following is the list of some of the names for your motorcycle:

  • Beast
  • Rider
  • Turner burner
  • Rebel
  • Vaggy
  • Goldie
  • Black Panther
  • Foxy
  • Rockie
  • Grace
  • Thriller
  • Speed
  • Scout

How do people name their motorcycles?

While naming your motorcycle as I’ve mentioned before many people name their motorcycles on these things:

  • After their crush
  • In their child’s opinion
  • After a movie
  • Anything which is their favorite


Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when naming your motorcycle:

Make it fierce

You’re feisty! You’re a biker! If you’re going to come up with your name, make sure it illustrates what an awesomely intimidating person you are!

Keep it short and simple and memorable

People usually keep the names very short and simple so that it’s easy to memorize. That’s why most individuals choose the name of their favorite character, movie or comics, etc. They already have this in mind so it’s easy for them to memorize too.

Avoid difficult names

People try to avoid difficult names which are not easy to spell and even their pronunciation makes it hard. It’s a pain to have a long, clunky name. You need something specific but not too common.

Make it personal

You can use your real name, interest, profession, hometown, or whatever information about yourself that makes your nickname unique to you.

Make it funny

It’s not a necessity, but a funny name is always a great conversation starter!

What are the nicknames for the motorcycle rider?

Most motorcycle rider nicknames are given by the motorcycle club or their team.

These are some of the factors to give a nickname for the motorcycle rider;


A motorcyclist’s appearance such as height, hair, or build is an easy source of naming a motorcyclist.

For example:

  • Red for a redhead.
  • Baldie for a bald biker.
  • Shortie for a short guy
Modification of the real name

A motorcyclist’s name can be a good source of a road name. You can modify or shorten their real name. Or it could be an initial of their real names.

For example:

  • Little James
  • A.A
  • Jack
  • Hammerjack
Traditional motorcycle names

Most traditional motorcyclist nicknames are very much related to their motorcycles.

For example:

  • Rider
  • Piston
  • Roadmaster
  • Skull rider
  • Black rider
  • Ghost rider
Nationality or hometown

A motorcyclist’s hometown or nationality could also be a great source of motorcyclist names.

For example:

  • Ohio: A person from Ohio, USA
  • London: A person from London, UK
  • Arky: A person from Arkansas, USA
  • Mexico: A person from Mexico, North America.

A motorcyclist’s personality is another popular thing to consider for choosing a great nickname for a motorcyclist.

For example:

  • Peppermint for a fun motorcyclist.
  • Hustle for a motorcyclist who knows how to get things done perfectly.
  • Baddie for someone who drives fast but very rough.
  • Witty for someone very clever.

A motorcyclist’s hobby, their favorite meal or brand, or even something they like can be a source of a good motorcyclist’s name.

For example:

  • Honda for a motorcyclist who prefers Honda.
  • Nitro for a motorcyclist who puts speed over everything else.
  • Rider for a motorcyclist who has good driving skills.

If you have to select a road name for yourself, you could use any of the above tips to come up with a cool or humorous motorcyclist name.

What’s a good name for a black motorcycle?

Anything in a black color associated with the motorcyclist can be a good name for his motorcycle too. Black color is associated with power. That’s why names for a black motorcycle can be

  • Blackie
  • Baddie
  • Power
  • Thunder

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