Is FZ6 a good bike for beginners? The short answer is “Yes!”

FZ6 is an excellent first bike for riders that are good at managing the high-revving inline-4-cylinder engine.

Thanks to its excellent power band and classic reliability, it becomes an increasingly affordable option for riders that want an enthusiastic super sport bike without the hunched-over seat position, and a bit of insane power.

We got you covered! In this article, we will help you see if the FZ6 is a good bike for the beginner level.

Should You Buy a FZ6 Bike?

For most riders, their attraction to the FZ6 was not just skin deep, but the ultimate feature of an FZ6 bike is the good fundamentals that are appealing for even a noob. Here are the reasons why FZ6 is a great starter bike for new riders that won’t quickly outgrow:

It makes a lot of power (98 hp / 73kw @ 12,000 rpm) with an approachable power band

Its high seat 31″ (800 mm), is great for most riders

It’s an excellent, middleweight bike that occupies a net weight of 459 lbs / 208 kg

With an upright, touring friendly seating position, it is comfortable for rides

The 50/50 suspension is great for both sports and comfort

It’s an elegant, stylish-looking bike

It has a decent gas mileage (around 35 mpg).

It gets a center stand It is highly affordable and a compelling value proposition

Top Features of FZ6

Following are the top features of a FZ6:

  • Integrated Center Stand: It makes the working feasible on bike as it helps the FZ6 tuck away discreetly when stored.
  • Power: The power runs in FZ6 between 0-6 in about 3.7 seconds and 12.3 seconds in a quarter-mile. The power of FZ6 is quite impressive and addictive.
  • Riding Position: The riding position in FZ6 is both comfort and sport. It is an ideal position for riders who don’t like to lean forward.


  • Modern Electronics: FZ6 has tight tolerances, modern electronic parts, high-end detailing for great performance.
  • Made in: Japanese made FZ6 will make you reasonably sure about not leaving stains on your garage floor.
  • Fuel Injection: Its essential tool to help prevent the cleaning of carbs and fiddling. Just ready and go!

Is the FZ6 a good first bike?

Yes. FZ6 is a great option for beginners for their first rides. This bike is probably the best bike for starters who don’t want to miss out on insane power without a hunched-over riding position.


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