A shiny sports bike in showrooms looks fascinating to everyone despite their age. But you know what would be more fascinating? Riding those sports bikes.

If you are fond of riding a sportbike, you must be familiar with its different types and features.

Having said that, uncomfortable seating is something no one wants to experience. Sure, there are bikes with extremely comfortable seats, but covering a long distance in a bent position can cause serious back issues.

To avoid long-term health issues, we have compiled a list of some upright sports bikes for you. Discover them and keep up your biking journey in a pleasant way.

5 Upright Sports Bikes

The thought behind listing these sports bikes was to save you from the hassle. Therefore, we have mentioned all features as well. Below are 5 upright sports bikes you can ride daily or on your occasional long trips.

1.     Suzuki SV650 

First, on the list, we have the famous Suzuki SV650. The reason behind its fame is its many features and ultra-slim body that looks astonishing on the road. Speaking of the road, riding this sports bike feels like heaven as it is very comfortable.

The narrow seat gives you superior comfort and a great grip in an upright position. Suzuki SV650’s seats are flat from front to back, but it still does not wear out your back.

This lightweight sports bike is loaded with capabilities that make your trip unforgettable. You get to enjoy the unique heartbeat-like sound of the engine when it fires.

Moreover, it has dual-spark technology, a light, and compact exhaust system, a Full LCD panel, and 3 various colors to choose from. The 14.5-liter fuel tank is great for long routes.

2.     Kawasaki Ninja 300

Kawasaki Ninja 300 leans toward the more affordable side in the sports bike world that comes with a parallel-twin engine. Not only is this bike known for being affordable, but people love it for the comfort it provides. It is suitable for all body types and gives a great pleasure while riding.

If you are just starting your sportbike journey, this one’s for you. However, you do not have to worry about the exterior of this bike giving off beginner vibes because it is equally attractive.

Most people face issues with handling the clutches in other sports bikes, but with Kawasaki Ninja 300 it is very easy because of its assist and slipper clutch.

3.     Honda 919/ Hornet 900

We all know Honda never fails to please us with its amazing bikes, be it sports or regular ones. The Honda 919 or hornet 900 is extremely balanced in terms of chassis, weight, power delivery, and suspension.

It has a great engine and power which lets you speed up easily in just a matter of seconds. Not to mention, the seats are great at giving you an upright posture without tiring you throughout your trips.

4.     Honda CB500X ABS

You must be wondering what all the hype about Honda’s CB500X is. Well, digging through its features and specs, we must say it is worth the hype. The bike certainly gives off a good expression. The normal-sized body is perfect for trips to congested parts of the city.

The seat height is 850mm, which gives you a comfortable posture while riding. Now say goodbye to nasty back pains. Not to mention, this bike is a great fit for tall people, unlike other sports bikes.

The bike runs on a parallel-twin engine. As far as the engine is concerned, it is rather impressive. You can enjoy going on as much speed as you like since this sports bike runs smoothly without jerking.

5.     Kawasaki Z750

When this bike came out, it left all its rivals back in the game. The bike never fails to capture people’s attention as it is highly captivating. Beauty aside, this bike is not ideal for long routes.

This upright sports bike is great for short distances or just to fulfill your desire of having a sports bike. It might not be too comfortable and ideal if you travel a long distance.

Talking about its engine, we must assure you it is one of the best ones out there. The bike is lightweight which makes it easier to move. Kawasaki Z750 has excellent suspension, and it runs like a dream with 55 horsepower.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which sports bike is most comfortable?

There are tons of amazing sports bikes that are comfortable to ride. Such as:

  • Kawasaki H2 SX
  • Honda VFR800R
  • Suzuki SV1000
2. What is the most comfortable sports bike for seniors?

Some sports bikes are not really ideal for senior riders. Thus, they should lean towards something that is comfortable and easy for their backs like Kawasaki Ninja 300


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