Are you someone who is looking for a motorcycle but the prices are not letting you buy one? You must be wondering at this moment why motorcycles are so expensive to buy.

In this article, we will take you through the full guide of why they are expensive or are they for the right reasons.

The common reason is the types of motorcycles. Motorcycles are divided into three types; street style, dual, and off-road. Each type is used for different purposes and carries different prices as well.

However, that’s not the only reason. There are a variety of other factors as well for the expensiveness of motorcycles. Continue reading to learn about them.

Reasons Why Motorcycles Are So Expensive

Apart from modification, usage, and type, the other reasons are as follow:

Smaller Parts Don’t Mean Cheaper Parts

Smaller parts don’t mean they are cheaper just because they are smaller in size. Motorcycles can be as expensive as cars. Yes, you heard it right.

Because motorcycle manufacturers invest a lot in R&D and good quality manufacturing parts which increase the price.

High Performance

When you are looking for a bike you always want it to perform well just as a car performs.

High performance and a lightweight engine are very important mechanisms in any vehicle and this factor increases the worth of any vehicle.


For a motorcycle, there is a level of liability involved as compared to the cases with cars because it is less safe. Motorcycle companies had to meet very strict quality control because, in the end, they are taking someone’s life into their own hands.

Much Lower Production Numbers

As we all know that cars are generally more used and produced as compared to cars. Because of their lower quantities, their costs are higher as compared to cars.

Market’s Willingness To Pay the High Prices

Yes, you heard it right. People are willing to pay its high price because its demand is increasing.

Modern Features

With the advancements in technology, the companies are adding modern features to their vehicles e.g horns, modifications, engine sounds, etc. which increases the cost.

Motorcycle Lifestyle

Apart from primary modes of transportation, these are also considered unique and luxury vehicles.

There are proper companies which manufacture these luxury motorcycles and they have very high price tags and many people buy them as well.

Motorcycle lifestyle has become a thing now but before joining the bandwagon one must think about his expenses  

Most expensive motorcycles

Any vehicle can be as expensive for someone depending upon the financial status of the person who is buying.

In Asian countries, companies like Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda are most commonly used because of their greater fuel economy.

If we talk about Europe, US, and other developed countries, companies like Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki are cheaper.

These countries have their own companies: Harley Davidson net worth ($8.12 billion), Ducati worth $46.49 billion, KTM AG worth $1.8 billion, Triumph worth $1.45 billion.

They also have specific  range of expensive motorcycle which are as follow;

  • Ducati Testa Stretta NCR Macchia Nera
  • Ducati Desmosedici D16RR NCR M16
  • Ecosse Founder Edition Ti XX
  • Legendry British Vintage Black
  • Dodge Tomhawk V10 Superbike
  • Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship
  • Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter
  • MTT Turbine Streetfighter
  • Icon Sheene
  • NCR Leggera 1200 Titanium Special
  • NCR MH TT Mike Hailwood


Why are some motorcycles more expensive than cars?

The limited number of companies that manufacture motorcycles, the less demand for them which increases the price as compared to cars.

Why are motorcycles so expensive in the US?

The main thing is that the cost of labor is high in the US as compared to other countries. Besides this companies like Harley Davidson, BMS Nehmesis, Hildebrand charge a lot in the US, unlike other countries.

Are motorcycles a luxury item?

It can or cannot be for someone because it depends upon the person and how one uses it.


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