It’s tough to choose a bike, especially when you are confronted with the top brands like Suzuki and Yamaha.  Because both companies come up with top-class models every other year that make them staunch rivals to each other.

The preference for one over the other depends on what you are looking for, your budget, and the power you desire.

Suzuki has been the best with GSX-R750 while Yamaha YZF R1 has become a darling bike among motor fans. Many are still debating between Yamaha FZ6 and Suzuki SV650, which is the top-tier.

This article clarifies everything you need to know about these two models before buying for yourself or your loved ones.

Fz6 vs. Sv650 – How Do They Differ

FZ6 is a middleweight naked bike with 600cc engine power, while the SV, being a V-twin, has a linear power delivery.

SV650 engine response is smooth and linear than that of FZ6. The inline-four of FZ6 is a powerful motor but very RPM dependent and has a problem with low-end torque.

The V-twin SV650 engine delivers powerful torque at lower RPM.

FZ6 made its peak figures at 10,000rpm and 12,000rpm, respectively the older Yamaha bikes do it at 9500 rpm and 11,000 rpm.

Handling, Chassis, and Weight

Yamaha FZ6 weighs 30 pounds more than SV650 and has about 20 more horsepower. SV650 is a lightweight ride of only 198kg and gives a slim, sporty look.

Both the models are easy to handle and pleasurable. FZ6 is easier to maneuver in town because of its low seat height.

In terms of slow speeds, SV650 is much easier to manage and much more forgiving in terms of wrong gear selection. FZ6 front suspension is not adjustable, while the SV650 front suspension system employs a durable 41mm telescopic front fork.

Brakes and Exhaust System

SV650 brakes give incredible stopping performance and control, whereas FZ6 brakes are touchy as their throttle.

The clutch release is also tricky on FZ6 according to most of the riders.

SV650 has a 240mm rear brake disc and a large 290mm dual front disc brake with ABS. The four-piston calipers on FZ6 are very robust.

 It’s a cheap fix for riders to adjust the sliding piston calipers that stick to the sliders because of corrosion.

The SV650 has an advanced exhaust system that conforms to EURO 5 emission standards. It is compact, light, and delivers excellent power.

The under-seat exhaust of FZ6 doesn’t get much hot, providing comfort to the riders.


Yamaha has more superbike fans as compared to Suzuki, so it has more service centers in the world.

FZ6 quality of parts is also a little higher than Suzuki. Altogether for servicing points and spare parts, both bikes are quite reliable.


Is the Suzuki SV650 fast?

Suzuki, being the V twin with 600cc engine power, claims the top speed of 130 mph, which is good enough for experienced riders and beginners.

How fast is a Yamaha FZ6?

Yamaha FZ6 top speed is 141.5 mph, which is just slightly higher compared to SV650. It is extremely impressive and super-fast. Yamaha FZ6 is a good option for new bikers.

Is the SV650 a girl’s bike?

SV650 isn’t a girl’s bike. But because of its lightweight body, most people consider it a girl’s bike.

Is FZ6 a good starter bike?

Yes, the FZ6 is a good bike for confident beginners. It’s more powerful than the SV650 and has an upright riding position.

But if you are confident enough to handle the FZ6, then it could be a good option as a starter bike.


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