Do you think riding a motorcycle in the rain is unsafe?

If so, you are really missing out on one of the best motorcycling experiences. Riding in the rain is actually fun, you must give it a try.

Unplanned Raining Experience

If you have been riding for several years, you might already have encountered the rain. In fact, riding a motorcycle in the rain is often unplanned, like you are coming back from the office and it suddenly starts raining.

Being prepared for a ride in the rain is much safer and more enjoyable. All you have to do is take some precautionary measures such as wearing the right rain gear, adjusting your riding style, paying attention to the surface of the road, and most importantly making sure that your motorcycle is all set for wet weather.

Best Motorcycle For Wet Conditions

Now the question that most of you ask is, “Which motorcycle is best for rain?”. Well, there are a lot of options in the market.

Let’s have a look at some of the best recommendations!

Honda Blackbird

The Honda Blackbird is well known for its reliability, versatility, and overall greatness. Honda started blackbird’s production back in 1996, and after 10 years of a good run, we all know its name.

Honda Blackbird is highly praised by the biking population. It weighs 223 kg but still manages to pack a punch with a top speed of 180mph. It allows comfort and speed which is extremely important.

Honda Blackbird has a good tire grip when it comes to running on wet roads. So, you can consider the Honda blackbird as one of the good options for riding in the rain.

Triumph Tiger 800

Triumph Tiger is highly recommended as the best all-rounded great motorcycle of the time. Triumph knows how to create a great machine for commuting in all seasons whether it’s raining, winter or windy.

Triumph Tiger has a light clutch, slick gearbox, and outstanding throttle response. You are going to feel confident and secure while riding a tiger no matter what the weather condition is. Invest once and you are good to go!

Suzuki GSXR 1000

GSXR 1000 is typically considered just a track bike, but actually, it is much more than that. It was first launched in 2001. Suzuki updated the GSXR model over the years.

The main focused areas were its power, weight, and handling. So, GSXR 1000 is obviously one of the best recommendations for riding in the rain.

Kawasaki GTR1400

Reliable ABS, heated grips as standard, large screen, fantastic traction control, and a good low running cost, what more could you want in a bike? Kawasaki is providing us with all these qualities in GTR1400.

GTR1400 is providing you with everything you need in a bike with soft power, a friendly chassis machine.

You will feel comfortable as well as confident on this bike, but make sure to test a ride before purchasing.


BMW knows how to provide us with a comfy and powerful machine. R1200GS has an 1170 cc boxer twin engine with a top speed of 131 mph, and a wet weight of 256 kg.

The reason for adding R1200GS under this list of best recommendations is its special rain mode. The rain mode adjusts the throttle inputs and will help to have a stronger grip on wet roads.

Read on for more quick answers!

Is It OK To Ride A Motorcycle In The Rain?

Yes, it is OK to ride a motorcycle in the rain, but you have to take some measures to drive safely.

These are:

  • Wearing rain gear
  • Adjusting riding style
  • Paying complete attention to the surface.

What Do Motorcyclists Do When It Rains?

Motorcyclists wear rain gears and follow some basic rules. The first and foremost rule of wet weather that every motorcyclist follows is, “Gentle input”. Motorcyclists are very gentle in every input such as acceleration, leaning, and braking.


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