By far, motorcycle gear is something that every biker should have. Whether it’s a helmet, gloves, riding boots, jackets, or a backpack, carrying them while riding is mandatory.

Not wearing a helmet or safety gloves could not only send you to the bad side of the law but also expose you to risks.

No doubt bikers go for their favorite manufacturers or brands while shopping for gears. And how can bikers not be obvious about the Bilt?

Of course, you might be a Bilt fan or its supporter, so you are here.

Let’s discuss whether Bilt is a good brand for your gear needs or not.

Is Bilt a Value Priced-Line of Motorcycle Gear?

Bilt is one of the two in-house brands of Cycle Gear launched in 2011.

It is among well-known manufacturers of motorcycle gear ranging from helmets, riding pants to boots and other bike accessories.

Cycle gear keeps prices low by eliminating the middleman. It creates its designs and manufactures them by working directly with countries like Pakistan and China.

Are the Products of Bilt Worth Trying?

The company engineers all its products with durability and utility in mind. We have heard a dozen customers raving about their products and long-lasting quality.

Their DOT-certified off-road and street helmets and lightweight CE1 armor pants and jackets are worth looking at.

In short, if you are seeking highly protective and ergonomic design bike gear, Bilt has got you covered.

What Are the Top Bilt Motorcycle Helmets?

Bilt Techno 2.0 is the most popular helmet among riders. It comes in three colors and is available in XS to 2XL sizes.

Techno 2.0 is highly innovative and integrated with powerful Bluetooth technology.

Aside from this, it holds excellent ventilation, a washable and removable internal line to protect your head.

Are Bilt Products Expensive?

Bilt is not an expensive brand. It offers the same low-end gear at cheaper prices than you will find with other brand names on them.

Even Bilt helmets do well in crash tests compared to many other expensive brand products.

We recommend checking  Bilt helmets before they get out of stock.

Summing up, Bilt is a good brand to consider while choosing your motorcycle gear. Their interesting customer reviews will surely compel you to get your hands on Bilt products.


Is Bilt a good company?

Yes, Bilt is among one of the top motorcycle helmets and accessories manufacturing brands. They have cheaper products of the same quality as compared to many expensive and famous brands.

Who manufactures Bilt?

Bilt is an in-house brand of Cycle Gear. They have manufactured all Bilt gears in countries like Pakistan and China.

Do Bilt helmets run small?

Many commenters confirm Bilt helmets usually run small. However, Bilt recommends you purchase one size larger than your original size.


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