Motorcycles are extremely cool rides. It could be commonly seen that many riders customize their motorcycles or helmets.  Customization makes it as good as new.

Similarly, helmets of the motorcycle are also customized. Either with designs or a whole lot of stickers. 

Many riders sticker bomb their motorcycle helmet and it looks pretty cool.

Let’s find out how you can sticker bomb your helmet in this article below.

Procedure to Sticker Bomb the Helmet:

It’s not difficult to sticker bomb a helmet but it does require following a certain method. Following are the steps that should be taken in order to sticker bomb a helmet:

●     Pick the Stickers

First and foremost; lots and lots of stickers are required.  Now it is dependent upon the owner of the helmet what kind of stickers he requires on the helmet.  They can be of any kind. Big, small, gruesome, awesome, anything.  But there has to be a lot.

●     Clear the Helmet

The helmet that is to be sticker bombed should be thoroughly cleaned first. The dirt should be removed from it.  The visor at the front should also be removed for the time being.

●     Start From the Edge

Start putting stickers from the edge and work your way around it. The stickers should overlap one another and should not have any space in between them.  Make sure there are no air bubbles.

●     Cover the Whole Helmet

The whole helmet should be completely covered with stickers to create a sticker bomb helmet.  No space should be left. After that, let it sit for a while.

●     Wax It, Buffer It

In order to give a shiny look to the helmet, wax it after putting on all the stickers. Wax it and then buffer it thoroughly until it shines.

●     Final Step

After the waxing and the buffering, make sure to screw back the visor in its place and take lots of pictures of your now very cool sticker bomb helmet.

What Not To Do

There are certain steps that should not be taken when sticker bombing a helmet.  Let us further read what they are:

  • Do not put stickers on the visor.  Neither above it nor inside the helmet cause that will cause great hindrance in seeing.
  • There are holes in the helmet.  They should not be covered. And if covered, the stickers from that area should be cut out.
  • Be very careful when using a blade cutter to clear out the edges of the helmet.

All in all, sticker bomb helmets look really cool when they are completed. It gives the helmet a new look and it can be very well seen even from afar.


Is It Ok To Put Stickers on a Motorcycle Helmet?

Yes, it is very much OK to put stickers on a motorcycle helmet.  It is the rider’s choice.

Can You Add Graphics to the Motorcycle Helmet?

Yes. Graphics can be added to a motorcycle helmet.  It gives a whole new look to the helmet.  Many graphic designers are available for such tasks.

Can You Put Vinyl on the Motorcycle Helmet?

Stickers or vinyl cut-outs are very safe to put on a helmet.  It is easily customized and looks pretty cool in the end.


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